Teacher Assistant Resume

A teacher assistant is responsible for providing teaching support functions. His job title varies according to the person he is assisting. It can be at graduate (GTA) or undergraduate (UTA) level. Thus, a teacher assistant needs to discharge all the supportive functions in relation to teaching and ensure successful accomplishment of the given tasks and responsibilities. In this way, he helps in class management, supervising functions, social development of the students, and a number of other functions associated with the post.

The responsibilities of teacher assistant include a number of activities, which can be enlisted as follows.

  • Ensure active participation of the students as far as the academic activities are concerned
  • Provide support functions in management of class activities, effective implementation of educational programs, and ensure student participation
  • Provide them with necessary information and solve their queries in relation to academics
  • Enable the students to accomplish the course they have opted for and guide them in connection with future career planning and management
  • Follow up of teaching with regard to analyzing the effectiveness of teaching with the help of tests and development of necessary action plan

Thus, teacher assistant is responsible for providing complementary teacher support functions in connection with academic activities. It is considered as the first step towards starting the career in academics.

Sample Teacher Assistant Resume

Roy C. Shelton
2194 Andy Street
Emery, SD 57332


Aspiring for growth prospects in my professional career as a teacher assistant and look for the opportunity to learn in detail about the key responsibilities associated with the post and looking for the proper exposure to the field.


  • Was employed as undergraduate teacher assistant (UTA) for a year
  • Expert at the duties and responsibilities associated with the post
  • Well acquainted with the administration and management functions in connection with academics
  • Familiar with all the exam department functions and documentation required for report preparation


  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills and presentation skills
  • Expert in report preparation and providing administrative support functions
  • Efficient at handling the routine tasks linked with database management and reporting to the management for formulation of the policies

Technical skills:

  • Proficient in handling Microsoft excel and presentation functions
  • Practiced database management and spreadsheets
  • Reasonable knowledge of the different software applications necessary to carry out functions relating to the post


A certification course in 'Development of Administration and Management Functions'

Professional experience:

Undergraduate Teacher Assistant St. Mary's Educational Academy; 3423 Chandler Hollow Road Glenshaw, PA 15116

  • Invigilating tests and exams
  • Enforcement of institutional policies and principles
  • Provided assistance in completion of academic seminars and paper presentations
  • Give instructions, maintain discipline, help teacher coordinate all the activities and ensure achievement of overall objective
  • Assistance in carrying out classroom work and make sure of maximum student participation by making sessions more interactive and result oriented
  • Help the teacher in designing and development of effective strategies for successful accomplishment of teaching program


  • A Bachelor's degree in 'Business Management' from the California Business School
  • A Certificate Course in 'Administration and Management'
  • Completion of a training workshop on GTA from the University of California


  • Received 'the Best Student of the Year 2007 Award' for successful accomplishment of Educational Program Workshop


  • A life time member of the California Business School Alumni Association
  • Affiliated to a social health club which functions for development of health consciousness among the citizens of the country

The teacher assistant thus provides complementary support to the teacher and helps him/her as well as the students in the successful accomplishment of different tasks associated with it. He helps in designing and management of all the activities related to academics. It includes all the activities right from designing, planning the course to providing administrative and exam conduct support functions and reports preparation.

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