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Resumes are written to portray the applicant's ability and potential to be a successful employee for the post he/she has applied for. An applicant applying for the post of a teacher in a school or college must therefore write the resume properly explaining the potential and expertise he/she possesses. Teaching is a very responsible and challenging profession that deals with the transfer or flow of knowledge from the teacher to the students. Applicants must understand the responsibilities and duties involved before applying for the post.

Applicants applying or the post of a teacher must construct their resume in such fashion that it reflects their skills and knowledge of the field, as well as their patience and endearing nature which are highly required for the post. Many a times applicants face problems while writing a resume. Applicants must know how to construct a proper teacher resume so as to gain maximum benefit from it. There are certain rules and regulations involved for writing a proper resume for any job application. Applicants who are unaware of these rules and regulations often end up writing bad and inappropriate resumes for their job application. Below are the techniques and rules one should follow while writing a resume for a teacher post.

Tips for writing better resume for the teacher post

  • Applicants must follow a proper format style. Format plays the role of a backbone in the resume and gives the resume its structure and form. Without a proper format applicants will not be able to organize all the facts and figures in a single sheet of paper. Therefore selecting a proper format by conducting some online research is important.

  • Applicants must write the resume in official tone as it is an official document. A formal tone gives the resume a professional touch. Applicants should not use informal or casual words or phrases as it affects the quality of the resume.

  • Applicants must write the resume briefly and to the point. Applicants must not write long sentences and paragraphs. Bulleted points must be used wherever necessary. Applicants must also try to keep the resume short and not lengthy by adding unnecessary information irrelevant to the post.

  • Applicants must highlight the points that the recruiter will be most interested to look at. These points are skills and expertise, work history, academic history, and achievements if any. Applicants must highlight these points with proper headings and write them properly.

  • Proof reading is the last thing that applicants will have to do after the resume is constructed. Proofreading reduces the chances of spelling and grammatical errors and enhances the quality of the resume.

By following the above tips an applicant can surely construct a better resume for the post of a teacher. Below is a sample resume of a teacher which applicants can look and take help from for writing their own resume.

Teacher Resume Sample

Cathy Williams
12th St. Xavier's Avenue, Good luck Square
Miami, Florida (456 4324)
Email address:
Contact number: 35886 6867

Career Objective: To seek a challenging position as a Mathematics Teacher in a reputed school where I can utilize my skills, knowledge, and expertise in educating the students and also gain good professional experience.

Career Summary: Presently working as a Mathematics instructor in an established coaching center for school students for a period of 4 years. Possess excellent communication and interaction skills.

Skills Summary:

  • Highly proficient in the subject matter of mathematics.
  • Highly educated and consistent good grace and remarks achieved during academic period
  • Ability to explain and impart knowledge to others
  • Expertise to handle research projects and lab work
  • Excellently proficient with English communication and addressing the students
  • Possess excellent patience and tolerance skills
  • Proficiency in computers with good knowledge of several computer software and applications.

Work Experience:

Institution: Global Mathematics Coaching Centre
Post: Mathematics Teacher
Duration: March 2007 to now

  • Primarily assigned to teach students the various field of mathematics
  • Tough students about the concept of study management, good performance during exams, tackling with the difficult concepts of mathematics.
  • Executing tests after every chapter or syllabus
  • Exerted more effort on the difficult to understand concepts

Academic History:

  • Achieved Masters in Mathematics from Yale University
  • Did Graduation in Science with specialization in Mathematics from Yale University

Personal Interest: Studying books, spending time in library, watching documentaries, photography, etc.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the information provided above is true to my knowledge.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

We hope that the tips and sample provided on how to write a proper teacher resume will surely help applicants in writing better resumes for their job application. Here you can also visit free sample format for teacher assistant resume and professor resume example.

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