Graduate School Resume

'Graduate school resume' is different from the resume written for seeking a particular position in the organization. The main objective behind writing such a resume is to improve your chances of getting selected for the specific institution where you aspire to complete your higher studies. You can emphasize your competency and eligibility for the applied course and thereby express your interest to accomplish the specific course. This resume is prepared as a supplement to your application for admission giving details about your past academic performance.

Here is the list of things which can be included while writing graduate school resume to a college or university organization authority.

  • Skills, talents, expertise, knowledge and extra curricular achievements in relation to schooling
  • Schools, training programs, and courses attended previously
  • A brief summary of your academic record highlighting your interest and aspirations about career
  • Grade point average, certificates received, completion of internship projects accomplished if any
  • Any other noteworthy achievements such as research paper or paper reading

It is in relation to academic field only and hence, while writing graduate school resume you have to focus your academic record and internship projects if any. It would be purely an academic resume.

Sample Graduate School Resume

Dan N. Bess
2925 Jehovah Drive
Waynesboro, VA 22980


With a successful accomplishment of graduation program in 'Business Administration'; I am looking for the admission into your Business School for completion of higher studies as Master's Program and aspiring to pursue my career as a Business Administrator and Manager.


  • Excellent academic record and able to maintain first class throughout educational learning
  • Carried out research and development activities and my project was selected for national level paper presentation
  • Expertise in event management and carried out internship project on 'Working Capital Management' as a part of completion of academic course
  • Worked for spreading environmental awareness


  • Strong analytical and mathematical capabilities
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving attitude and good at handling presentation functions
  • A balanced attitude towards studies
  • Capable of handling responsibilities independently

Technical Skills:

  • Well acquainted with Microsoft office functions
  • Expertise in handling Microsoft word and excel functions
  • Completed a course on 'soft skills development'


    Familiar with different languages as follows.

    • French
    • German
    • Japanese

    Professional experience:

    Assistant Clerk, Rolls Enterprises; 3784 Burton Avenue Memphis, TN 3811

    • Providing assistance in discharging clerical and secretarial functions
    • Data collection, analysis and report writing
    • Telephonic correspondence with clients and registering their feedback about the products and services offered
    • Creation of graphs, charts and summarized data for facilitating management decision making
    • Creation and maintenance of accounts of the customers and time to time update the information as per requirement

    Internship Project:

    Working Capital Management Steel Mfg. Ltd.
    Completion of an internship project with the following research objectives.

    • Analysis of working capital requirement of the company
    • Find out different sources used for fund raising
    • Determination of the optimum capital requirement
    • Analysis of financial performance of the company based on different mathematical and financial tools and techniques


    • Completion of a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management from the California School of Business
    • Completed my schooling from St. Jones Boarding School, 38467 IA, United States of America
    • A certification course in 'Entrepreneurship Development and Management'
    • Completion of a course on 'Personality Grooming and Development'

    Personal Details:

    Strong physical attributes with good healthy balanced development


    • Affiliated to the 'Sports and Extra Curricular Activities Development Association' formed for creation and development of sports attitude among the members so as to have a balanced personality development

    Graduate school resume is written so as to seek admission to the aspiring college or university and accomplish the desired program in the institution you are looking for. Writing such a resume, focus on your academic record, grades achieved, credentials, expertise, skills, qualifications, and your future career aspirations. It helps to attract management's attention and help them in decision making with regard to acceptance of application and consequent confirmation of the candidature.

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