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A coach is a person who gives instructions, training, direction and guidance to the learner personally or in a team. Coaching can be availed for a variety of reasons right from academics, singing, dancing to playing sports. He provides candidates with necessary instructions and directions for refinement of their skills and talents. He is responsible for proper development of learning attitude, skills, strategies and tactics. He provides the candidate with proper coaching, training and develops the sporting spirit. Thus, the contents of your resume depend on the job you are applying for.

Coaching could be required for a host of reasons. But the coach has to discharge the following responsibilities in general.

  • Provide the learners with proper direction and guidance based on standard rules, principles and practices followed
  • Training and development of team spirit for accomplishment of successful sports events
  • Character building, mentoring, improving team spirit, and imparting with useful strategies to achieve the objectives
  • Function as in charge of training an athlete or a sports team
  • Providing proper healthcare facilities and enforcement of standard principles and practices

In this way, the coach is responsible for all arrangements, mentoring, and to provide all the required assistance to the team members and supervise the event as a whole. Thus, he is accountable for successful accomplishment of different tasks relating to the sport.

Here is a sample coach resume prepared for the football coach i.e. the coach for sports activities.

Sample Coach Resume

Donald M. Buchanan
3588 Tennessee Avenue
Pontiac, MI 48057


With widespread experience in sports field, I am looking for the future growth prospects in my professional career as a coach at University level and utilize my talents and expertise for successful accomplishment of sports events and help learners in building a strong sports spirit.


  • Wide experience in sports activities in relation to playing football and well familiar with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) policies and procedure
  • Well acquainted with solving the issues relating to the particular profession
  • Dealt with key aspects of the sports and associated matters
  • Well acquainted with a list of duties to be performed by the coach
  • Used different tools and techniques for effective and efficient sports event management


  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Effective coordination and integration functions
  • Good leadership skills and capable of handling planning and control functions
  • Efficient handling of administration functions and have a sound understanding of principles and practices followed
  • Proficient in imparting and development of proper healthcare habits among learners

Technical Skills:

  • Certificate III in Sports Coaching
  • Completed a professional training program on 'development of personality and healthcare habits'
  • Completion of a successful training program from the International Academy for Football and Education


Completion of a certificate course in following languages.

  • French
  • German
  • Japanese

Professional Experience:

Football Coach at the University of United States of America

  • Served as a Chief Coach for the Intercollegiate Athletic Team
  • Support and assistance activities linked with coaching and training
  • Arrange different sports events on behalf of the team and impart them with necessary skills
  • Bring consistency in the performance of the players and development of team spirit and coordination
  • Management of tournament and arrangement of materials required for sports
  • Arrangement of sports event and conformance to NCAA policies


  • Graduation in BA (Hon.) Football Studies from the University of Los Angeles in 2001
  • A diploma course in 'Sports Planning and Event Management'


  • Received 'Buck Buchanan Award' for efficient management and successful accomplishment of the tournament operations


  • An active participant of the community of coaches which functions for the common interest of the member association
  • Works as the Chairman of social welfare association formed for handling social responsibility issues

A coach can be availed for a number of reasons. The success of the profession depends on your qualifications and expertise in the field, how well you can handle all the responsibilities associated with the post and their effective coordination as a whole. Visit format for teacher assistant resume example.

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