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Many students have to do a part time or even a full time job in their student life, so as to meet the expenses of education. Student resume is a resume written by a student when he applies for a job to cover his study expenses, and other financial needs. Nowadays many students start working before they complete their graduation. Therefore, you should know what the importance of resume is, and how to write one when the question of a job application arises.

A large number of students don't know how to write a resume for their job application as it is very much accepted that they do not have any experience of writing one. Many students apply for a job as a fresher, as they don't possess any work experience; whereas others may possess internship experience in a particular field. Students should keep one thing in mind that different job requires different job resumes; hence, they should know the technique behind writing a perfect resume, so as to create maximum impact at the time of recruitment. Below are some important tips that will help students writing better student resumes for their job application.

Student Resume Writing Tips:

  • There are different types of student resumes available on net, such as resume of MBA student, IT student resume, resume of law student, computer student resume, resume of science student and many more. Online researching helps a lot to gain good knowledge when it comes to write a good resume for their job application. A lot of information is provided of each post, and how to write a resume for the respective post. Samples are also available for users to have a better understanding for resume writing.

  • While doing online browsing, applicants must select a proper format for their resume. A format works as a backbone for the resume, and provides the base for the resume, on which it is to be constructed. Without a format, applicants cannot organize all facts and information into a single sheet of paper.

  • Maintaining an official tone makes a good impression of the applicant in front of the recruiter. Applicants must not use informal or casual text. A formal tone enhances the quality of the resume, and makes it look more professional.

  • Applicants must write the resume in brief. A resume is an official document, and no recruiter will go through a resume that looks like an essay. Applicants should not write long sentences and paragraphs. Unnecessary information that is irrelevant to the post must also not be provided. Use of bulleted points helps in making the resume brief and short

  • Simple language must be used while writing the resume as it becomes easy for the recruiter to read and understand the resume easily.

  • Highlighting the important points like skills, and achievements is necessary as it makes the recruiter aware of applicant's potential and eligibility.

  • Proof reading helps in eradicating all the typo errors and spelling mistakes that occurs while writing the resume.

Below is a sample student resume of a student who is applying for the post of a content writer. He is presently completing his graduation, and looking for a job in order to gain experience and earn money to cover the educational expenses. The sample resume consists of fictitious details. Applicants can change the information according to their need and requirement.

Sample Student Resume

Samuel Dickens
21st Broxton Avenue, Broxton
Manhattan, New York City (345 4366)
Email address:
Telephone Number: 457876 2342

Career Objective: To seek a position in an established firm as a content writer, where I can utilize my writing skills to produce good and unique content for the internet.

Career Summary: Prior experience of working as an intern and as a freelancer in two established organizations, where I prepared some unique and useful content for some specific websites. Possess professional experience in content writing for a period of 14 months.

Summary of Skills:

  • Professional experience in content writing for a period of 14 months
  • Expertise in web content writing
  • Creating unique contents for different websites
  • Proficiency in key words research tools
  • Writing content as per local and global level clients
  • Extensive knowledge on internet tools and research
  • Solid ground in writing cover letters and resumes
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Good knowledge on several computer software which includes Microsoft word document, excel sheet, power point presentation, adobe reader, etc.

Work Experience:

  1. Company: ABC Inclusive.
    Post: Content Writer (intern)
    Duration: February 2010 to August 2010

    • Generating contents for particular websites
    • Working under client requests
    • Priority work
    • Rework on older contents and updating

  2. Company: Elixir Content Solutions
    Post: Content Writer (freelancer)
    Duration: January 2011 to August 2011

    • Generating contents for particular websites
    • Working on blogs and press releases
    • Priority work and urgent client request works
    • Designing of websites


  • Completing Graduation in Literature from New York University
  • Did fulltime schooling from Saint Louis International High School

Interest: Novel reading, internet surfing, blogging, etc.

Declaration: This is to declare that the information provided above is true to my knowledge.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

We hope that the above information provided on how to write an effective student resume will surely help applicants in creating better resumes for their job application. Here you will get more sample for college student resume, high school student resume example and resume example for student internship.

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