High School Student Resume

High school students, in their bid to make some extra money for their daily expense, tend to work part time or full-time during vacations. A high school student resume is the best way to promote the skills, and influence the employers to consider your candidature. Working on summer vacations, not only helps in utilizing the time constructively, but also provides due exposure, which can be counted under work experience, for future job applications.

In high school, when time is not much of a constraint, it should be used for gaining additional knowledge, which can always be helpful in gaining a competitive advantage over others. This not only provides you the knowledge, but gradually transforms the personality, and boosts your self-confidence. These qualities can always be conveyed through your high school student resume. Writing a resume in high school will also help a student in gaining expertise over resume writing skills. If the student has pre-set career goals, then he/she can plan and utilize the school vacations strategically.

Though a student may not have lots of details to be included in the resume when it comes to education and experience section, he/she can always make the resume inciting by sharing other details such as hobbies, interests, awards, achievements, etc. The sample high school student resume given below would provide the relevant information, which would help you in drafting a professional high school student resume, and be able to promote your candidature. Job opportunities for which a high school student can apply for can be: summer camps, volunteer service, part-time etc.

Example Resume: High School Student Resume

Eileen R. Dix
2669 School House Road
Mississippi - 39482
United States
Tel: (601) 758 3099
Email: [email protected]


Looking for an internship opportunity with a health care service provider, where I can gain exposure to work culture, and imbibe necessary skills to become a professional health care worker, and serve the community.

Academic Qualifications:

  • School: Xavier High School, 5177 Old Hwy., Hattiesburg, MS
    Year: 2011 - 2012
    Subjects: Biology, chemistry, mathematics, English, physical education, and social work (additional)

Volunteer Work Experience:

  • Group: Nelson Medical Center, 408 S, Willow Bend, Sumrall, MS
    Role: Assistant Receptionist
    Term: Summer vacations, 2011 (60 days)

    • Handling inbound calls
    • Taking appointments
    • Greeting the visitors and providing necessary guidance
    • Maintaining records of all visitors and their diagnosis
    • Coordinating with all departments for treatment follow up
    • Assisting the Reception manager with other activities

  • Group: Brook Wood Rehabilitation Homes, 10 Legion St., Sumrall, MS
    Role: Junior Nursing assistant (Trainee)
    Term: Winter break, 2010 (45 days)

    • Assist elderly people with daily activities such as: taking medicines, visiting healthcare facilities, reading paper, writing letters, shopping etc.
    • Assist nursing staff in taking care of patients

Awards and Achievements:

  1. Awarded for 100% attendance in class 11
  2. Won first prize for science project on diseases, their causes and precautions, Class 10
  3. Took part in the summer camp organized by school for community help program on health and hygiene, in the year 2010
  4. 1st Prize in 100m free style inter school swimming competition
  5. Member of School's social work group 'The Leaders'

Interests and Hobbies:

  • Social work activities
  • Swimming
  • Cooking
  • Reading story books


  • Linda S. Mathews

    Xavier High School
    5177 Old Hwy.
    Hattiesburg, MS
    Tel: (601) 045 9042
    Email: [email protected]


I, Eileen R. Dix, confirm that all the details given above by me are correct and true in all their aspects.

Signature: ####

Date: December 20, 2011

Place: Sumrall, MS

From the above given high school student resume sample, necessary information for drafting the resume can be retrieved, and incorporated in the personal resume. Note that, being a student, the employer does not have a lot of expectations from the candidate, but would be looking for the passion for the job and eagerness to learn.

A candidate can also incorporate personal creative ideas to make the resume unique and personalized. As such there are not much of professional expectations from the students, and so strict resume drafting rules can be relaxed to some extent. However, the impressive the resume is, the better would be its ability to grab employer's attention.

We hope you find the information helpful in drafting inciting high school student resume. Here you will also get sample resume for high school graduate with no paid job experience and example resume for high school graduate with job.

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