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Is a resume only meant for job seekers or professionals? The answer is 'No'. A resume is needed at different stages in our life. Although it is more intensively used while job search and job application, it is also needed in some other situations and thus the concept of student resume was coined. A student resume is a resume for a student. A student might need a resume for different reasons like - for applying to a particular college for admission, applying for scholarship, requesting for recommendation, applying for a job, etc. Thus, besides job seekers and professionals, students also have to maintain their resume.

One implied benefit of this resume is that when students start maintaining their resume, they get used to it, and by the time, they start looking for jobs wherein the resume has to be perfect, they can draft perfect resumes. However, it is maintained for many different reasons stated above.

Some colleges have an application form that does not give much space to the student to explain about himself/herself. Thus, they ask students to submit their resumes. In this student resume, the college authorities would judge the student on academics, extra curricular activities, hobbies and interests, etc. Thus, the work experience section is absent, or at second preference, in these resumes.

Besides college application, the student resume would be useful for a student when he/she applies for scholarship. When a student writes a letter requesting for scholarship, he/she has to put forth his/her academic and extra-curricular activities details, such that the sponsor analyzes him/her for eligibility. Some sponsors screen students before selecting students for exams. Thus, the student has to be ready with a perfect resume.

This resume will also be needed when a particular student is recommended for some post in college, some competition, scholarship, internship, etc. When someone recommends a student for the post of 'Head boy' or recommends him/her for an inter-college debate competition, then the student resume would be needed. This resume would put forth the student's abilities that make him/her eligible for the recommended pots, competition, etc.

Other very obvious need of this resume is 'job'. Many students opt for part-time jobs during school, full-time jobs after completing high school or college, etc. In this a resume is necessary. As mentioned above, this resume might not have much information on work experience, so this section should be presented accordingly. If a student has taken up summer jobs, worked as an intern or worked on part time basis, he/she can mention this in the resume, and this section would precede the academic and extra-curricular activities section in the resume. It would be vice-versa for a student with no experience.

Some other types of student resumes are:

1. High School resume student resume:

This as mentioned above might prove useful for college admissions. The student should stress on academics and extra-curricular activities in this resume. The college would like to pick up students who look promising, and who are active in extra-curricular as well as academics. Thus, the student should be very careful in making this resume

2. Entry Level resumes:

This is a fresher's resume. An individual, who does not have any work experience in the field he/she is applying for, should focus on internships and academics in his/her resume. This resume would be short-listed solely on the basis of the potential one puts forth.

3. Recent Graduate resume:

This is a fresh graduate's resume. The pass out might, or might not have any experience. The resume should be drafted accordingly. Usually such graduates get an entry-level job, and are considered to be open for different jobs. Being very specific in terms of salary, position and job profile would create many hurdles for him/her.

This sections of resumes, is thus devoted to these specific resumes for students. Reading the sample resume formats given in the links below, you can draft a resume for yourself and make the right move towards a bright career. One who succeeds in writing effective student resume would not find it difficult to write a professional resume, the reason being that a professional resume has enough information on work experience to be presented unlike the resume for a student. If a student writes his/her resume perfectly even when he/she does not have much to pen down, we can expect a great resume from him/her, when he/she has enough information to add to the resume. Read the example resume and get started.

Sample Student Resumes

Some other types of student resumes are given below:

This is best platform to get resume format for fresher as well as experience. Here you will also get resume for people with strong education but weak experience.

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