Woman Entering in Male Field Resume

A resume for woman entering in male field, has lately become a popular search item on web. It is all because of global societal reforms, which have realized the important role played by female counterparts in global growth and development.

There are many sectors and industries, which are considered forbidden for women to work in; but with global advancements and commercialization, the trend has changed, and women are openly welcomed in every sphere. May it be armed forces at the battle field or new business entrepreneurs; you can see women leading the working clan everywhere. Women are considered to be efficient workers and managers, and there is a great demand of skilled women in all industries. If you wish to be part of the growing band wagon, you need to have an impressive woman entering in male field resume. Through the resume, you can easily communicate your justification of your suitability for the male dominated job field.

There are not many samples of resume for woman entering in male field available on web, which our new surging female workforce will need to justify their claim, and offer stiff competition to the male colleagues. Addressing the cause, we have given a sample resume for woman entering in male field, which will help the women in drafting an effective resume for themselves. Note how the crucial skills are mentioned, which enhance the candidacy claim.

Example resume: Resume for woman entering in male field

Cynthia Daniel
13 Buckeye Rd
Palm Harbor
United States
Tel: (727) 736 9801
Email: [email protected]

Career Goal:

Looking for new ventures with opportunities to challenge and explore my skills and knowledge, and help the organization to achieve its goals with a scope for personal development.


An experienced licensed professional, committed and self motivated, with expertise in handling heavy-duty manufacturing and production equipment such as industrial boilers, machine movers and mixers. My experience has imparted in me necessary skills to operate any kind of heavy equipment, with an ability to impart training to others and lead a team effectively.

Work experience:

  • Machine Room Supervisor

    Precision Heating Solutions Ltd, Oro Ln., Shelby Township, Michigan, 1995 to Till date

    Job Responsibilities

    • Ensure optimum functionality of all machines and equipment in use
    • Maintain inventory of spare parts
    • Minimize Idle Time of all machines
    • Maintain records of all production processes and equipment used
    • Provide demonstrations and training for new employees
    • Ensure periodic servicing is done for all equipment in the work room
    • Supervise the daily operations and works performed at the processing plant

  • Heavy machine operator

    Standard Epic Equipments, Van Dyke Blvd., Sterling Heights, Michigan, 1992 - 1995

    Job Responsibilities

    • Operate various heavy equipment required in daily operational activities as per the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
    • Perform daily, and periodic checks of different parts as per the scheduled check-up plans and make necessary adjustments
    • Ensure optimum functionality of all equipment
    • Maintain daily log of all tasks performed
    • Abide by organization policies
    • Assist in cleaning and maintenance work of the machines

Education Qualifications:

  • Degree/ Diploma: Post Graduate Diploma (Mechanical) - Online Course

    Institute/ College: College Auto Repair LLC, 072 W Grand River Blvd., East Lansing, Michigan

    Year: August 1993 - June 1995

  • Degree/ Diploma: ITI (Industrial Training Institute) Diploma in Heavy Duty Equipment Maintenance

    Institute/ College: Wayne Industrial Training Institute, 34 Bemer Ln., East Lansing, Michigan

    Year: August 1991 - July 1992

  • Degree/ Diploma: Professional Certificate Course (Industrial Equipment Operations and Maintenance)

    Institute/ College: College Chevrolet, 81 Dallas St., Colon, Michigan

    Year: August 1990 - June 1991

Licenses/ Certifications:

  • License to drive heavy duty vehicles
  • Operating license for industrial equipment
  • Certified first aid practitioner
  • Fire fighting certificate

Personal Skills:

  • Eye for detail
  • Quick learner
  • Ability to adapt to different work cultures effectively
  • Team leadership skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Strong inter-personal skills

References: To be made available only if asked for


Cynthia DanielPlace: FloridaDate: 28th September, 2001

The resume for woman entering in male field highlights the eminent skills which Cynthia Daniel possesses, which makes her the ideal candidate for the job, and at par with male counterparts. Female employees working on heavy equipment in manufacturing plants of various industries is still a rare sight to have a glimpse at, and need excessive efforts from women, to offer competition to the male dominance psychology.

We hope you find the resume for woman entering in male field helpful in designing an impressive resume, which can bag you the entry in the male field where you can prove your competencies while challenging their supremacy. Feel free to visit sample resume for women reentering job market and resume sample for woman transferring volunteer experience.

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