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The 'situational' section of our website '' contains diverse examples of resumes, which under normal circumstances may not be required. Technical Software Director Resume is one such resume given below, which is written, keeping in mind the non-conventional job post. A Technical Software Director post would require a candidate with substantial experience in both technical and software fields of technology. For the same reason, you will need to club your technical and software skills together, to write an effective Technical Software Director Resume.

As the post applied is not very common, it is difficult to find such resumes on the web also. Therefore, if you are referring to the sample Technical Software Director Resume given on this page, it is always advisable to modify it appropriately to meet the desired candidate profile by the employer. To effectively bridge the gap, you can refer to the job descriptions given by the employers, which will help you understand the employer's expectations, and then customize your Technical Software Director Resume appropriately.

Sample Resume for Technical Software Director Position

Billy C. Light
Bridge Stone Ave
18 Walker Way
Virginia 2254
United States
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (540) 720 7926


To obtain a Directorial position with a leading software company, with opportunities to explore my skills and knowledge while meeting the organizational goals along with scope for personal development.


An Information and Technology (IT) professional with expertise in hardware and software with 15 years of experience. A motivational leader, an efficient trainer, and over all a visionary, with eye for detail and ability to make the ends meet.

Work Experience:

  • Director IT(2001 to till date)

    Techno Giant Software Inc, Becker, Minnesota

    • To establish corporate vision for technological development
    • Provide best in class services to customers
    • In-charge of smooth functioning of IT department
    • Liaison with other departments to achieve organizational goals
    • Manpower planning
    • Evaluating employee performance and planning for training programs
    • Ensure on-time completion of projects
  • Technology Manager (1995-2001)

    Wings Techno-Sol Pvt. Ltd., Albert Mann Rd, New Hope, Alabama

    • End to end technology service management
    • Identifying new prospective business partners
    • Procurement of new service contracts
    • Planning, developing and conducting Training sessions
    • Manage all operational activities
  • Team Leader IT Support (1992-1995)

    AirNet Telecom Ltd., Forest Blvd, Saint Paul, Minnesota

    • To monitor and maintain IT infrastructure
    • To provide troubleshoot services for liaison departments
    • Achieve the department goals
    • Leading the team
    • Software development to meet operational requirements
  • Software Developer (1990-1992)

    Laurel Software Ltd., Timber Ridge, New Stanton, California

    • Develop software solutions for project requirements
    • On time delivery of all assignments
    • Work in team and coordinate with other teams for any troubleshoot


  • MBA (Human resource and Public relations), Becker Institute of Management Studies, Minnesota
  • M. Tech Telecom (Master's in Technology - Telecommunication), National Technical University, Fontana, California
  • B.E IT (Bachelor's in Engineering - Information Technology)

Technical Skills:

  • Programming and Languages
    • C, C++, HTML, Java, Java Script, PHP, SQL, XUL, XML, Visual Basic
  • Software Packages
    • Linux, MS Windows, WordPress

Professional and Personal Skills:

  • Certificate course in entrepreneurship
  • 1 year course in Project management
  • Expertise in administration and training
  • Critical decision making
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Perseverance

Awards and Achievements:

  • Member of American Association of Technologists.
  • Awarded as 'Best Employee' for excellent performance at Laurel Software Ltd.
  • Won 'Best Research' award during MBA program.


To be made available only on request basis.


I, Billy C. Light, hereby declare that all the information furnished by me is true to the best of my knowledge in all its sense and eternity.


Place: Virginia, United States

Date: 22nd September, 2005

Note that, while drafting the Technical Software Director Resume, you should carefully mention all skills, personal and technical, to promote your candidacy. As this post requires an ideal individual to possess not only leadership skills, but also technical and software expertise; care should be taken that you don't elongate the resume too much.

For further assistance and more ideas in writing the Technical Software Director Resume, you can refer to individual resumes for Technical Director and Software Director, and then club the ideas together. You can also refer to other resume samples given on this page for selecting a suitable layout for your Technical Software Director Resume.

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