Resume for Older Man with Management Experience Lay Off

Writing a resume for older man with management experience laid off is all about joining the bandwagon of job hunters and fighting vigorously to snap the opportunity by extensively promoting your management experience and maturity (in relevance to the old age when it comes to learning from the life experience).

Experience of any kind, rarely goes waste, unless you decide to do so. It can be brought to good use, by effective planning and execution. Being laid off by an organization, is the inability of the organization to retain the person or the post, and so should not be taken negatively by an individual. In fact, it throws open a host of new opportunities waiting to be explored and to win them, you need to have an impressive resume. An older man with management experience laid off resume is similar to any other resume, but includes and emphasizes more on experience.

In this section of situational resumes of our website '', we have tried to assist job seekers who have lost their job after being laid off by companies owing to recession and various reasons. You can use the sample older man with management experience laid off resume as reference to design a job winning resume for self. The sample can be used to draft a resume for same sector jobs, and for applying to jobs in other sectors as well, as your credentials will still remain the same and you only need to re-prioritize them as per the new job profile.

Example resume: Resume for older man with management experience laid off

Joe Smith

49/ 15 E Stanley Blvd
Tel: (510) 677 8413
United States
E-mail: [email protected]

Profile Summary:

I am an experienced Marketing professional, with ability to combine business development and personal quest to explore the skill-sets, knowledge and managerial experience, such that the organizational goals are achieved along with personal growth.

Career Goals:

To be at the cutting-edge of Marketing Professionalism, and guide business ventures to success with effective use of skills and experience.

Work experience:


July 2003 - November 2006Marketing Manager Direct Marketing Solutions
Fairfax Ave
San Francisco
(831) 287 6656
October 1999 - June 2003IMC Manager Local Reach Pvt. Ltd
Dubois St
Santa Cruz
(888) 209 6666
April 1995 - September 1999Asst. Marketing Manager Local Reach Pvt. Ltd
Dubois St
Santa Cruz
(888) 209 6666
January 1993 - April 1995Senior Sales Executive Fondant Marketing Ltd
43 W E Heck Ct
Baton Rouge
Los Angeles
(877) 265 2121
January 1991 - December 1993Sales Executive Fondant Marketing Ltd
43 W E Heck Ct
Baton Rouge
Los Angeles
(877) 265 2121


  1. Marketing Manager (Direct Marketing Solutions)

    • Coordinate with other departments including R & D (Research and Development) for smooth operations and achievement of organization goals
    • Implementation of organization policies
    • Design sustained business development plans
    • Analyze the market trends and develop corrective plans
    • Conduct market research to identify new opportunities and gauge the competition
    • Plan for new ventures to foray in new markets
    • Develop training plans
    • Provide supportive reports to top management for effective planning and coercive measures to counter market threats and risks

  2. IMC Manager and Asst. Marketing Manager (Local Reach Pvt. Ltd)

    • Developing IMC (integrated Marketing Communication) plans
    • Manpower planning
    • Evaluate employee training needs
    • Conduct training sessions for new projects
    • Maintain records of all crucial transactions and provide the senior management with strategic reports

  3. Senior Sales Executive and Sales Executive (Fondant Marketing Ltd)

    • Maintain records of daily activities
    • Adherence to the organization policies and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
    • Visit clients (Cold Calling) and promote organization products and services
    • Attend to client inquiry calls
    • Provide information to visiting customers/clients regarding products and services
    • Providing daily report to senior/supervisor and implementing the feedback

Education Qualification:

June 1990 - December 1990Certificate Course in IMC University of Louisiana-Monroe
070 University Ave
July 1988 - June 1990 Post Graduate Diploma
Tulane University
St. Charles Ave
New Orleans
August 1985 - August 1988 BBA
(Bachelor's in Business Administration)
University of New Orleans
Lakeshore Rd
New Orleans


All references, if needed, will be made available on request.

The sample resume for older man with management experience laid off given above, doesn't mention about the laid off aspect, as it can be mentioned in the accompanying covering letter more convincingly and explained.

You can make further rectification suiting to the desired job profile and industrial practices, we hope you find the information useful, and win the desired job. Also visit sample for sample resume for older woman with no paid job experience and resume sample for older adult coming out of retirement.

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