Resume for Older Adult Coming Out of Retirement

Designing a resume for older adult coming out of retirement is all about conveying your desire to work, and inciting the employer's to review your candidature. Retirement from a job doesn't necessarily mean the end of a working career for you. It doesn't matter whether you are young or old, if you are able to deliver the required results; you are capable of working and eligible to work. The same spirit of work should be conveyed through your resume, to influence the employer's.

If you consider yourself old enough and should take a retirement from work, then think once again; as it is you alone who can decide at what age you should stop working. This is because, growing old has many positives associated with it. From employer's perspective, it means you are an experienced and seasoned candidate, who is mature enough to understand the work culture and abide by the same. Old age is also a sign of stability, and the chances of candidates quitting the job in between are minimal. Therefore, when you write a resume for older adults coming out of retirement, you must highlight these qualities which an employer looks for, as it will maximize your chances of being short-listed for an interview and getting selected.

In this section, we have given a sample resume for older adult coming out of retirement from IT (Information and Technology) field, and looking for a suitable job in the education sector, where he/she can share their valuable experiences, and impart quality education to the young generation.

Example resume: Resume for Older Adult Coming Out of Retirement

Daniel K. Einstein
602 Keyes Blvd
United States
Tel: (608) 294 1144
Email: [email protected]

Career Objective:

Looking for a suitable job opening with a reputed technical educational institute, where I can share my knowledge and skills with the students and impart quality education, to help achieve the organization goals.

Professional Skills Summary:

I am an experienced IT (Information and Technology) professional with extensive knowledge and managerial level experience. My ability to plan, develop, and provide training and development sessions has given me opportunities to explore my skill-sets, and make the best use of them to deliver my responsibilities satisfactorily while achieving the organizational goals.

Work Experience:

Designation and Duration servedCompany Name and AddressJob responsibilities
Director IT

Livewire Information Systems

61 Innsbruck Dr
New York
(716) 656 9400

  • Plan and develop Training modules
  • Manpower planning
  • Implement organizational policies
  • Coordinate with other department heads for strategic planning
  • Ensure upkeep of IT infrastructure
  • Provide all strategic information to head office and maintain record of vital business transactions and dealings
IT Manager

MIS Solutions Ltd

68 Route 6
New York
(845) 628 8100

  • To manage end to end operation activities
  • Plan daily manpower allocation
  • Address employee and customer queries
  • Ensure organization policies are abided
  • Provide decision making supportive information to senior management
  • Coordinate with supportive departments for effective implementation of future plans and smooth functioning
  • Provide solutions for bottle necks coming up in operations
  • Timely completion of projects
Team Leader

Lambton SAS Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

43rd Deer Park Ave
Deer Park
New York
(631) 243 0004

  • Achieve team targets on regular basis
  • Guide the team throughout different project stages
  • Determine training needs of the team
  • Provide OJT (on job training) for freshers and conduct induction programs for new employees
  • Plan daily task allocation for team members
  • Provide solutions for any obstacles faced during operation activities
  • Identify client needs and develop solutions for the same

Education Qualifications:


References: To be made available, if asked.

You can make suitable changes to customize the above given resume to your requirements, and make it at par with the job description given by the employer. We hope that the information shared above will be helpful in drafting a job winning resume for older adult coming out of retirement.

Wish you 'All the Best' for your job hunt!!!

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