Resume for Older Adult Changing Careers

Resume for older adult changing career may not be a so extensively sought after resume by individuals, as generally with the age, people develop the skills to write an impressive resume. However, for those who still want to refer to sample resumes to write an impressive resume, and be at a competitive advantage, they can refer to the examples given in this section of our website, which is exclusively dedicated for such requests.

The resume for older adult changing career can also be referred by other aspirants who wish to change career. Changing career may be considered as a sign of uncertainty and unreliability from the employer's perspective, but for the concerned individual, it is an opportunity to find his/her true passion. This will not only make him/her enjoy the job, but also help in performing efficiently, which will be beneficial for the organization. If we look from an employer's point of view as well, changing career has its own benefits. It not only makes a person multi-skilled, but also provides an organization with a person to rely upon in case such a situation arises. This also saves the organization from wasting its resources in training an individual for something which he/she is not interested in.

Thus, if you are not enjoying your work, or don't find it appealing, it means it is not your area of expertise, and a job change is a better option, irrespective of your age. A resume for an older adult changing the job, can be written effectively by referring the below mentioned sample resume. In the below given example resume, it is presumed that the adult has considerable experience, and has lately decided to change the career and diversify his/her profile.

Example Resume: Resume for an Older Adult Changing Career

Chris Symonds

15 / 201, Mahoning Ave Ste
United States
Tel: (330) 799 0040
Email: [email protected]

Career Goal: In quest of enriching job opportunities, to make best use of my experience and knowledge and help achieve the organization goals, with scope of personal growth and development. I am a dedicated professional with diversified experience, looking for challenging roles to help organizations undertake new business ventures.


With 8 years of experience in leading SBUs (Strategic Business Units) of reputed organizations to help them expand in new markets, I am a dedicated professional with strong work ethics and ability to lead a team to success.

Work Experience:

  1. Designation: Director SBU (South West Asia)
    Organization: Integrated Telecom Services (ITS), Northdale Blvd, Benson, Minnesota
    Duration: 2002 - 2007
    Job responsibilities:

    • Managing end to end operational activities
    • Conducting market surveys and evaluating the feasibility of new business ventures
    • Coordination with corporate office for implementation of strategic plans and achieving organizational goals
    • To organize trial runs of new projects and evaluating the feedback for further corrective measures
    • Establish crucial business alliances and partnerships with other local business for market capture
    • To ensure over all smooth work flow at the SBU with maximum efficacy

  2. Designation: Marketing Director
    Organization: Nixon Marketing Solutions (NMS), 18 N Michigan Blvd, Michigan City, Indiana
    Duration: November 1999 - 2002
    Job responsibilities:

    • Managing end to end Marketing activities
    • Conducting Market Trials of new launches and evaluating the feedback
    • To coordinate with the Head Office for implementation of plans
    • To ensure that organizational goals are achieved
    • Organize market surveys and find out new business opportunities and their feasibility
    • To make strategic alliances with key business players in the region
    • To ensure that Marketing goals and objectives are at par with organizational policies

Education Qualification:

  1. Degree: MBA (Master's in Business Administration) - Marketing
    College: William College of Commerce and Management, 450 St John Road, Michigan City, Indiana
    Year: 1993 - 1995

  2. Degree: BBA (Bachelor's in Business Administration)
    College: St, Andrew's College for Management Studies, Mariner Dr, Michigan City, Indiana
    Year: 1990 - 1993


  1. 'Best Manager Award' for meeting the annual objectives at ITS.
  2. Successful execution of 3 projects working with Nixon Marketing Solutions, with diverse portfolios.
  3. Awarded for excellence in Team Leadership at NMS.


To be made available on request only.

The sample resume for older adult changing career given above doesn't specifically show the age factor, as it is not considered important by organizations when considering for higher managerial posts. If the individual has the commendable skills, he/she may be absorbed directly by the organizations, irrespective of the professional background. This is because, at managerial positions, leadership skills are given more importance as compared to specific industry knowledge, though it may be preferred.

This sample resume for older adult changing career can be utilized in drafting various career change resumes as well.

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