Resume for Individual With Little Skills

This page of our website '' is dedicated for the individuals with little skills, who find it difficult to write a competitive resume. The resume for individuals with little skills, can be written like any other resume, but will require a lot of introspection by the candidate, to actually discover his/her true potential. A so designed resume for individuals with little skills, can also be used by inexperienced candidates to promote their qualities effectively.

Often it happens that we may feel we don't have enough skills to compete with other candidates, but be assured that every candidate feels the same, especially the fresher, or those who don't have relevant experience. There are organizations which require the services of candidates with little skills too, for their operational requirements. These candidates play a crucial role in the overall success of the organization. They are just like the back door employees who keep the system running. Keeping these things in mind, you can now think of enough skills which you can mention in the resume for individuals with little skills.

Given below is a sample resume for individuals with little skills, which you can refer to, while drafting a professional resume. Note that, you need to customize the resume suiting the specific job description for maximum efficacy.

Example resume: Resume for Individual with Little Skills

Alicia S. Blake
41 Blue Lake Blvd S
Twin Falls
United States
(458) 123 3308
[email protected]


In quest of challenging opportunity, where I can explore my skills and knowledge and contribute towards achievement of organizational goals, with scope of personal growth and development.


  • Passed High School with B grade from Blue Lake High School in June 1996.


  • Can operate different machines used in office such as Cannon O-2288 Telex Machine, EPABX (Electronic Automatic Telephone Branch Exchange) and HP 4228 Multi Purpose Copy, Scan, Print and Fax Machine.
  • Knowledge of clerical tasks such as report filing, data maintenance, inter-office communication, stationary inventory management and maintenance of machines used in office.
  • Communication skills and awareness about telephone etiquettes. Can handle inbound and outbound telephone calls effectively.
  • Quick learning and adaptive skills.
  • Can perform the responsibilities of a Receptionist too.

Work Experience:

Designation and CompanyTerm DurationResponsibilities held
Senior Office Clerk
Amalgam Consultants
Phoenix, Arizona
United states
May 1998 to till date
  • To ensure that all data is recorded and maintained properly
  • Ensure cleanliness of work floor and area
  • Maintenance of various machines with timely servicing
  • Attend to urgent calls or requests
  • Delegating daily work to team members
Five Star Hotel
Victoria Ln
Blue Lake City, Idaho
United States
June 1996 to May 1998
  • Greeting customers on arrival
  • Handling calls and addressing queries
  • Cashiering
  • Report generation and filing
  • Cleanliness of work area
  • Handling mails and other communications with customers and clients

Personal Strengths:

  • Eye for detail
  • Hard working
  • Time management (punctuality and strict adherence to time limits)
  • Professional conduct at all times
  • Adherence to professional ethics
  • Efficient team member
  • Leadership skills imbibed by work experience
  • Ability to establish cordial relations with all employees for smooth functioning
  • Pleasant personality

Interests and hobbies:

  • Reading novels (By William Somerset Maugham)
  • Playing Rugby
  • Paper Craft (Decoupage)


Mr. Anthony Symonds

Operations Manager
Amalgam Consultants
Phoenix, Arizona
United States
(120) 456 1212


I, Alicia S. Blake, hereby declare that all the information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge and awareness.


Alicia S. Blake

Place: Idaho

Date: 21st September, 2002

The sample resume for an individual with little skills given above, can be further personalized to suit the desired profile in such a way that I establishes a balance between your profile and that ideal candidate.

Depending upon whether you are sending the resume online or carrying it personally, you can put your signature appropriately, or use a digital signature to avoid any sort of inconveniences. The candidates, who have recently passed, too can adhere to this resume for an individual with little skills, and make necessary changes to include their skills which can boost their selection chances.

We hope that you find the given resume helpful in winning you the desired job. Always remember that we all have hidden talents, but we need to discover it to be successful.

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