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Example Resume: Individual Who Relocated a Lot

There are many resume sample, suggestions and resume writing websites available over the internet. These websites cater to different needs of job applicants in terms of resume samples, cover letters, etc. They categorize the site based on different vocations, so that you can easily find a resume sample or a resume cover letter, as per your requirement. However, there are certain situations wherein a candidate finds difficulty in writing a resume, and finding a sample for the sample; for example, a candidate who is a job hopper, or who has relocated a lot, etc. In such situations, the candidate faces difficulty in getting a job, or they are questioned a lot on such behavior. We have thus decided to cater to such situational resumes in this section of our resumes, and would discuss the resume for an individual who's relocated a lot.

Some times some people have to continuously relocate. The reason might be anything like the father being a government employee and is transferred to different cities, or in search of good opportunities, etc. However, this might become a problem for you. Some employers would question you on this; they think that you do not adjust to the surroundings easily, and thus relocate. This can be a setback for your career. To avoid this, it is not necessary to mention your job location in your resume, and rather stress on your skills. In case of travel industry, or a job which requires too much of traveling, you can mention the location, as this can be an added advantage for your resume.

Individual who's relocated a lot - Resume Sample

Bob Smith

511 Southern View Blvd.,
Parks Dream Street,
Sky Heights
Brown County
LA - 11010
Contact no.: 001010000
Email: [email protected]

Career Objective:

Wish to be part of an organization that gives me the opportunity to explore new areas of work, allows me to take initiatives and face challenges or cater to opportunities independently. Wish to use my skills and expertise for the benefit of the organization, and at the same time get to learn new things.

Career Profile:

A well qualified Marketing Professional with expertise in sales and marketing for over 3 years. Worked in sales as well as marketing profiles, and proved my excellence by always over-achieving my targets, and taking initiatives for improvement at work.

Qualification Summary:

  1. Post Graduation in Marketing Management
    University of Los Angeles
    Year of Passing: 2007
    Specialization: Sales and Marketing
    Grade: B

  2. Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
    University of New York
    Year of Passing: 2005
    Specialization: Branding and Promotion
    Grade: B+

  3. Diploma in Retail Marketing
    Institute of Retail Marketing and Management (government recognized)
    Year of Passing: 2007
    Grade: A+

Summary of Skills:

  • Good at managing teams and working in a target based environment.
  • Capable of setting realistic goals for myself and my team
  • Good at conceptualizing and strategy making for promotion and branding
  • Good at planning, coordinating and organizing
  • Thorough knowledge of branding techniques, new tricks of branding, advertising and promotion, and concepts like POD and POS promotion

Work Experience:

Currently working Hucthecs Retail Chain Ltd. - 2010 - till date Designation: Marketing Manager - Promotion & Retail

Job responsibilities:

  • Planning promotion strategies
  • Conceptualizing the display of merchandise as per season of stock
  • Coming up with various promotional plans - offers, discounts, schemes, etc.
  • Handling a team of 4 sales executives, and updating them on new schemes
  • Maintaining a check on inventory as per demand
  • Assisting in designing ads and promotional material
  • Organized 'Christmas Shopping', a promotional event during Christmas, which led to a rise in the sales figures by 20%, in just one week.

Previous Employer:

Porsche Ad Media Ltd. (2009-2010)
Designation: Asst. Business Development Manager

Job Responsibilities:

  • Getting new clients and work in a target based environment
  • Making ad plans and proposals as per the client's requirements
  • Planning advertising strategies, and coming up with innovative ideas of advertising, that interests clients
  • Meeting the clients and making presentation to communicate the plans and proposals
  • Understanding the clients requirements and communicating the same to the higher management


  • Overachieved my target by in every quarter by almost 25%

Margaret Confectioneries Pvt. Ltd. (2008-2009)
Designation: Sales Executive

Job responsibility:

  • Achieving sales targets
  • Cold calling and fixing meeting with clients
  • Meeting corporate clients and schools for procuring big orders
  • Reporting to the team lead

Zebec Financial Securities Ltd ( mid 2007-2008)
Designation: Sales executive

Job responsibilities:

  • Selling financial products like mutual funds, insurance policies, trading accounts, etc.
  • Cold calling and pitching clients
  • Fixing appointments and meeting clients

Flexibility and Mobility:

Comfortable working at any location. Relocation is not an issue.


Bob Smith

In this resume, the candidate has changed many jobs and has also relocated. However, we have not mentioned the relocations here because his skills and expertise will nullify this factor, when he gets a chance to meet the interviewer in person. You can in this way avoid some details from your resume, but be prepared to answer the questions for the same.

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