Same Company for Several Years but Different Job position

Many employees working in a company for several years can switch to another post in the same institution if they feel that they would like to switch over to a different line. In such a situation, you would write a resume for a change of post within the same company. A same company but different job position is different from a promotion because in a promotion an employee is just promoted or upgraded to a higher post in the same job profile he/she was working before. But in the case of same company but different job position employee is assigned to work for a completely new job profile.

A same company but different job position resume writing is not that a daunting task and rather easy to construct. Applicants who are willing to change their post in the same company can construct a resume for applying for the new post easily. Applicants can do some online research and look out for a proper format for framing their resume in the first stage. After selecting an appropriate format applicants should start constructing their resume.

Applicants will have to write about their personal, professional, and academic details before writing their resume. Applicants should convince the recruiting committee that he/she possesses the skills and qualities and is perfectly eligible for the post he/she is applying for. Proof reading is important and candidates must look for any grammatical or spelling errors. Applicants must write the resume in an clear and brief manner and should use bulleted points wherever necessary. Applicants should avoid writing long and complicated sentences by using conjunctions. Below is a sample resume of an employee who is currently working as a software engineer but is applying for the post of a marketing executive for the same company.

Sample of Same Company but Different Job Resume

Jonathan Kruger
11th Dumbledore Street, Great Lakes
Miami, Florida (4565 56566)
Contact number: 23455 45455
Email address: [email protected]

Career Objective:

To take a challenging and responsible post of a Marketing Executive where my skills and knowledge will be used to the fullest and will be fruitful both for the company and my personal career.

Career Summary:

I am an experienced software engineer with a professional understanding of software and related aspects from a very renowned company for a period of 4 years. I possess good communication and presentation skills with the right determination and approach.

Skills Summary:

General Skills

  • Expertise in software development with an experience of 4 years
  • Proficiency in designing and advancement of new software
  • Handling of clients and providing presentation of new software
  • Capability to work under pressure and ability to take tough decisions and prioritize things
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Highly motivated worker with dedication to work and punctuality
  • Proficiency in working as a team, maintaining of good relations with co-workers and leadership skills

Technical Skills:

  • Proficiency in the field of computer software and applications
  • Proficient working with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • Proficient with C, C++, Java, ASP, VB Script, etc.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Netscape Communicator, Frontpage, Powerpoint, FTP, Unix, Pascal, Quark, Java, etc.
  • Sound knowledge of HTML, Java Script, HP Deskscan, etc.
  • Excellent knowledge of making presentations for clients and associates and managing presentations for clients

Work History:

Working in a reputed organization as a software developer and engineer from 2007

Designation: Software Developer

Organization: Water Demon Software

  • Designed and developed software for a wide range of clients
  • Access to various kinds of tools and techniques to design software
  • Designed some of the most profit gaining software for the company
  • Providing full reports of the designing and development of each software program

Academic History:

  • Accomplished Masters degree in business administration with specialization in marketing in 2007 from New York University
  • Completed bachelors in computer science from MIT in 2005
  • Did full time schooling from Miami International High School


I hereby declare that the information provided above is true as per my knowledge

The above sample of Same company for several years but different job position resumes will surely help applicants in writing better resumes for their job application. Here you will also get resume sample for woman with erratic job history and resume for individual with little skills.

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