Resume for an Individual Who Hasn't Worked for a While

Resume for individuals who has not worked for a while must be written accurately so that it reflects the applicant's willingness to return back to work after a career break or intermission. Many people have to face a break or stop in their career trajectory due to several reasons that are either planned or unplanned. Such kind of situations could arise due to various reasons and involve a broad spectrum of known or unknown circumstances. Many American women just leave their job to raise their children and return back after a long gap. Many leave their jobs due to unfavorable circumstances and unavoidable eventualities like illness or occurrence of accidents causing temporary break from work.

But most applicants who took a rest for a certain period from their daily work feel the necessity to get back to work and pursue the career they left due to certain unforeseen situations. Resumes for applicants who are returning back to work must showcase applicant's talent and achievement while they were at work. The most important point that applicants under such situations need to put forward through their resume and cover letter is their willingness to return back to the job they quit and also their ability to pursue the same.

Below is a sample resume of a dance teacher and a choreographer who took a temporary break from his work due to an accident that fractured his leg which took 2 years for complete recovery and returning back to normal.

Sample of Resume for an Individual Who Has Not Worked for a While

Sebastian Ziegler
2340 Easton Avenue, Denver East
Miami, California
Contact number: 39434553
Email address:

Career Objective:

A well groomed and highly trained dance instructor with expert knowledge in various dance styles and forms looking for a position in an highly prestigious school or dancing center where my skills will be utilized to the fullest for the progress of that institute and also to increase my knowledge and level of expertise further.

Career Summary:

With a high background in dancing, I have works as a choreographer and a dance instructor for 5 years in the past. Have the expertise to train students from 5 to 50 years age group; a serious knee injury lead to a two year break in career.


  • Did Mass Communication as post graduation from University of Miami in 2002
  • Completed graduation in Literature from Saint Louis International College Miami in 2000
  • Did training in dance from Stardust Dance Institute achieving recognized degree in providing professional training in 12 different dance forms

Summary of Skills:

  • Highly qualified in teaching several dance forms that includes salsa, rumba, hip-hop, free style, ballroom dance, ballet, and many more
  • Good in teaching new style and transferring skills to students
  • Access to almost all sorts of contemporary dancing
  • Expertise in flexibility and aerobics training


  • Won first rank in Dancing with the Stars Miami 2005
  • Gold medal winner in National Level Ballroom dance completion

Work experience:

Worked with On the Floor Dance Institute from 2003 to 2008

Designation: Lead Choreographer and Dance Trainer

Job Responsibilities:

  • Primarily appointed for delivering dance training to the students and other clients
  • Participation in programs and events lead by the institute
  • Planning of various events that are being organized by the institute
  • Event management work and participation
  • Organizing additional summer and winter camps for school going children
  • Seasonal dance workshop arrangement

Declaration: I hereby declare that the information provided above is true to my knowledge.

The above sample resume for individual who has not worked for a while will definitely be helpful for applicants who are looking forward to restart their career.

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