Resume for High School Graduate with Job Experience

Applicants with work experience will have to mention about their work history in their resume for high school graduate with job experience. Nowadays even high school pass outs need a resume as there are many companies who utilize the potential capabilities of the class for their progress. A vast field of job lines has been recently made available for high school graduates, and those who have passed out of high school and are looking for a job, can apply for them. With such openings for high school graduates, applicants must first frame their resume properly.

A high school graduate who has the credential of work experience will have to mention about that in the resume. Description of previous work includes name of the firm the applicant was engaged in, duration of employment, duties and work activities performed, etc. Along with that the applicants will also have to mention about their personal and professional strengths, academic qualification, etc. The resume must be crisply written that is easily understandable by all. Below is a sample resume for those applicants who have work experience and are high school graduates.

Sample Resume for High School Applicants with Job Experience

Rebecca Green
33rd Pushkin Avenue, Denver Hills
Manhattan, New York
Email: [email protected]
Telephone number: 234 098 5676

Career Objective:

To seek the position of Interior Decorator in your company so as to utilize my skills and knowledge to enhance the image of the company and to gain more professional experience while honing my capabilities in the same field.

Career Summary:

Highly proficient with designing and good knowledge of interior decorating and furnishing; expertise in utilizing the latest computer technologies in designing and 3D modeling.

Summary of general skills:

  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Experience of designing for 4 years specifically in interior decorating and landscape designing
  • Proficient in designing and interior decorating
  • Good knowledge of colors and combination of hues and silhouettes
  • Good knowledge of utilizing natural and artificial accessories
  • Highly committed and devoted to work

Summary of technical skills:

  • Proficient in utilizing the latest computer programs and running the current computer simulation
  • Capable of creating 3D models for customer satisfaction
  • Skills and knowledge of the implementation and execution of plans from paper to reality
  • Management and prediction of costs involved and total designing and execution of work for better client satisfaction
  • Expertise in landscape designing and outdoor designing
  • Expertise in graphic designing

Academic qualification:

  • Completed higher secondary education from Saint Martin's High School with Grade B in 2007
  • Completed secondary education from Saint Martin's High School New York with Grade A in 2005
  • Did Diploma in Interior Designing from FTII Institute in 2007

Work Experience:

Presently engaged in Heavenly Homes Designing House

Duration: 1st April 2009 to now

Responsibilities and duties assigned to:

  • Preparation of graphic design ranging from private homes to offices and hotels
  • Planning and designing of 3D models and graphic design on client request
  • Physical designing and decorating of client's venue that has been planned for designing
  • Arrangement of all raw materials and workers that will be involved in the designing process
  • Designing advanced software for better designing and modeling purpose

Previously worked with Blue Moon Designing Corporation

Duration: 1st May 2007 to 31st March 2009

Responsibilities and duties assigned:

  • Paper designing of interiors
  • Assisting Senior Designer in their work and learning of new techniques
  • Working in teams designing for offices and work place


  • Achieved the best designer award in Heavenly Homes for the year 2010
  • Achieved the best performer award in solo project and client management for the year 2008 awarded by Blue Moon Designing Corporation

Personal interests:

  • Sharp hand in portrait art
  • Also interested in origami and sculpture designing

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is absolutely true as per my knowledge.


Rebecca Green

The above example of resume for high school graduate with job experience will definitely help applicants in writing and applying for their dream jobs efficiently. Also see sample format resume for college graduate with no job experience and student internship resume example.

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