Resume for Combining Two Careers

The construction of a resume for combining two careers is a bit difficult and applicants need to use really good writing skills to write such kind of resume. In such kind of resume applicants will either have to combine two completely different types of job profiles that they did earlier for their new job or will have to present similarity between two jobs especially the one they did before with the one they are going to pursue. Applicants will have to frame such kind of cover letter very properly and skillfully. The language should be clean and applicant should not confuse between the two job-profiles he/she is trying to combine. Below are several tips that will help applicants in writing better resume for their job application.

  • Applicants must follow a format for writing their resume
  • The resume should be properly written providing the important details about the applicant
  • The resume must not possess any complicated or long sentences
  • Applicants should restrict the use of 'I' as much as possible
  • No irrelevant information must be provided
  • Applicants should write the resume in an official tone

Below is a sample resume for combining two careers and the applicant combines two careers he was working previously in a positive sense for applying for the third career. The applicant combines the two careers in such manner that it will be beneficial for the career he pursues.

Sample of Resume for Combining Two Careers

Mathew Farris
232323 North Denver Avenue, Denver
Manhattan, New York City
Contact number: 23 444 4343
Email address: [email protected]

Career Objective:

Seeking a position as Animator in a creative environment to utilize my skills and expertise that I possess and also to gain good professional experience in Animation Engineering from an esteemed institution.

Career Summary:

Highly equipped Software Designer with in-depth knowledge of animation and 3D techniques achieved through a long career in art teaching and designing.


  • Completed Masters in Computer Science from CALTECH University in 1998
  • Did bachelors in Computer science from CALTECH University n 1996
  • Did a two year integrated diploma course in Art that included training in painting, sketching and origami fields in the year 1995
  • Did a 1 year diploma course in animation and 3D graphics designing in 2001

Summary of Skills:

  • 3 year working experience as a software designer
  • 2 year working experience as a Art teacher in New York University
  • Possess excellent expertise in software designing and computer programming
  • Expertise in art and sketch designing
  • Proficiency in Computer graphics and 3D graphics
  • Highly dedicated and self motivated worker
  • Possess excellent management, communication, and leadership skills

Technical Skills:

  • Good knowledge of different types of animation technology and animatronics
  • Comprehensive and integrated knowledge on 3D graphics
  • High knowledge on computer graphics, motion capturing, and real life computer simulations
  • Knowledge on computer game software designing with 3D technology
  • In-depth knowledge on Adobe Premier, Photoshop, and Computer After Effects

Work History:

Worked with GMT Software from March 2005 to April 2008
Designation: Software Designer
Job Responsibilities:

  • Designing of software for various clients
  • Testing, modifying and servicing of prevalent software
  • Developing designs and programs for new integrated software
  • Assessment of problems and diagnostics

Worked at New York University from May 2008 to July 2010
Designation: Art Teacher
Job responsibilities:

  • Delivered teaching services to students in the department of art
  • Provided knowledge on various types of art from pencil sketches to canvas painting
  • Development of creativity to students
  • Enlightening students about the history of art and its importance in contemporary era


  • Received award for best performance in a project category in GMT Software

Personal Interests:

Drawing, making sketches, listening to music, net surfing and playing computer games

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information provided is true to my knowledge.


Mathew Farris

The above resume is a good example of resume for combining two careers and applicants who are in a mood of combining two careers and adopting a new career can approach this example for assistance. Also visit sample resume for career change, example resume for older adult changing career and resume for career hopper.

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