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A career hopper is a person who hops or jumps from career to career frequently. So when writing a resume applicants with such job hopping traits must construct their resumes accordingly. Job hopping has of lately become a trend among the young work crowd who can't stick to a single profession for a long time due to personal or professional problems or a bit of both. Apparently due to the advancement and broadening of the service sector, it has made available a large number of services and jobs to the new young work populace.

Now applicants who tend to hop from one kind of job profile to another must write their resumes accordingly so that the recruiter will accept and approve the resume. Applicants have to bring the positive side of job hopping and must convince the recruiter about his potential to learn any kind of job easily and efficiently. Applicants while constructing the resume must first select a proper format. A proper format can be selected easily by doing some online research and after choosing a proper format, applicants can start constructing the resume.

Providing a cover letter along with the resume is essential as it describes the resume in a literary fashion. The resume must contain applicant's personal, professional and academic details. Applicants must also write about his general and professional skills that he has achieved over the years. Below is a sample resume of an applicant who has an experience of working as a fashion designer and an interior designer and is now looking forward to pursue a career in landscape designing.

Sample Career Hopper Resume

Jonathan Myers
23rd Sesame Street, Howard City Complex
Miami, Florida (2345 5454)
Contact number: 123 34534
Email address: [email protected]

Career Objective: Seeking a position as a Landscape Designer in a reputed designing corporation where my expertise and skills in interior designing can be utilised for the progress of the corporation and also to start my career in Landscape designing.

Career Summary: Highly experienced fashion designer, interior decorator and designer with an overall experience of 7 years in designing field. I possess high proficiency in computers with excellent command over communication and presentation aspects.

Summary of Skills:

General skills:

Technical Skills:

Professional Experience:

  1. Worked in a reputed fashion firm from January 2003 to February 2007

    Company: Glory Fashion House

    Designation: Chief designer

    Duties performed:

    • Made primary designs for different types of garments
    • Computer designing and graphics for garments ordered by clients
    • Performing all types of work involved in garment manufacture
    • Handling clients and delivering presentations of new collections and designs
    • Training to new entrants
    • Working as a chief designer in various events and representing the firm as a whole

  2. Worked in a established Interior decorator firm from December 2007 to December 2010

    Company: Star Dust Interior decorators

    Designation: Interior Decorator and designer

    Duties performed:

    • Designing of interiors for a wide range of clients and associates
    • Designed for offices, personal premises, hotels, cruise ships, airports, etc
    • Fully equipped computer modelling and 3 dimensional designing
    • Delivering presentation to several clients
    • Trainee to new designers in the firm

Academic Summary:

Personal Interests: Sketching, video gaming, reading, etc.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is true to my knowledge.

Enclosures: Reference letters, academic reports, appreciation letter.

We hope that the above sample of career hopper resume will surely help candidates in writing effective resumes for their job application that will be appreciated by the recruiter.

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