Career Change Resume

Nowadays change of career is very common and one needs to know how to write a career change resume. With the spreading of economy and a large number of services and jobs becoming available, employees tend to change their career trajectory if they find it boring and if better opportunities are available in other fields.

A change of career resume implies that the applicant is making a career change and the resume must be written in such fashion the recruiter is convinced of the applicant's ability for the new job. Convincing the recruiter is a bit difficult in case of a career change as for obvious reasons, the recruiter will be pretty sure that the applicant possesses no professional experience in the field or post he is applying for. The applicant in this case must write the resume in such fashion depicting his/her quick learning skills and dedication to work which will work as a convincing factor for the recruiter and therefore resulting in successful approval.

A career change resume must be written appropriately following the proper rules and techniques. Applicants must first select a proper format they find appropriate and then construct the resume accordingly. Applicants must mention about their personal and academic aspects along with their professional experience they gained over the years. Applicants must also mention about the general and professional skills that they possess and write them down accordingly. Applicants must use points wherever possible to make the resume look brief and more understandable. No spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are accepted and hence applicants must proof read their resume several times before sending it to the recruiter. Below is a sample Career Change Resume that will guide applicants in writing better career resume for their job application

Sample Career Change Resume

Martin Peters
56th Gold Avenue, West Church Sector
Manhattan, New York City 456 5654 4444
Contact details: 3444 334434
Email address: [email protected]

Career Objective: To explore the challenging position of a Marketing Executive and utilize the my communication and presentation skills to contribute towards the betterment of both - my own expertise and the progress of the company.

Career summary: Good experience of working as a Bank Manager in a leading financial sector and working as a care taker and monitoring various activities performed in the bank on a daily basis.

Summary of skills:

  • Working as a highly qualified and self motivated Bank Manager for 4 years in OMG Bank
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Providing solutions to all sorts of official problems
  • Efficient team player and excellent leadership skills
  • Work management skills and detailed analysis and execution for solving various problems
  • Excellent learner and quick adjustment to new situations
  • Highly dedicated and commitment to work
  • Excellent in maintaining healthy relation with co-workers in a professional environment

Professional Experience:

Working experience of 4 years in a reputed financial organization
Agency: OMG Bank
Designation: Appointed as Senior Accountant, later promoted to Bank Manager Post.
Roles and duties performed:

  • Inspection of all the commercial activities carried out in the organization
  • Looking after performances of all the units of the bank
  • Carried out developmental plans and change in administration patterns
  • Chief in decision making and execution of new reforms
  • Presentation of company performance
  • Directly answerable to the board of directors of the association

Academic Summary:

  • Accomplished MBA in marketing from Howards University
  • Did graduation in Finance from Howards University
  • Finished fulltime schooling from New International High School
  • Completed diploma course of 1 year in Official Computer Applications

Personal Interests: Traveling, horse riding, net surfing, reading books and novels.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information provided is true to my knowledge.

Enclosures: Appreciation letter, reference letter, academic reports.

We hope that the above sample of career change resume will surely help applicants in writing better resumes for their job application. Also, sample resume for older adult changing career and example resume for individual who has not worked for a while, also provided here.

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