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In your career, you go through different phases. You get to work in different profiles, different environments and have different job responsibilities. You also get to handle different roles and responsibilities when you are in the same field. All this gives rise to different job situations. When in such situations, you get varied experiences, and it leads to different decisions of your career. You might be in different situations, and while justifying your job search in these different situations, you would need a situational resume.

A situational resume is used to cater different situations in your career. These situations would force you to take a decision of changing your field, moving to a totally different role, or justifying your wrong career start. It is more or less like a normal resume, and the purpose also remains the same. However, the situational resume differs in the sense that it caters to some different situations and answers the queries of the employers in these different situations.

There can be many such situations. For example, you are well educated and handle your own business. You wish to get a job now in the management field. This is a different situation because you do not have any industry experience, but you have managed your business and so probably feel that you would do well in the management field. In this case, your resume should convince the employer, and satisfy his/her queries.

Another such situation could be that you have had many job changes in your career. Such a resume is usually tagged as a 'career hopper', and is usually rejected. In this case, again you would need a strong resume that would help you get rid of this career hopper tag, or represent it in a healthy way.

One more example of a distinct situation will be 'internal job posting'. Many organizations allow its employees to apply for different vacancies within the organization. The employees can shift from one vertical to the other. This is encouraged by many organizations, since it leads to employee retention. The employees get a chance to enter a field of their choice within the same organization. In this situation again, your resume should justify your will and ability for the vacancy you are trying to get into. Since you have been working at a different position, and probably a different role in the organization, your resume should justify your interest in the said profile.

Situational resume, as a specific category is very rarely found over the internet. However, the importance of this category cannot be ignored. Moreover, as explained above, resume writing according to different situations is comparatively difficult to normal resume writing. This made us think over this category, and thus help you with it. You would find many resume sites, but finding specific situational resumes would be difficult. You would not find a resume for a 'job hopper' easily. However, a job hopper should also know how to write an effective resume, and still not let the 'job hopping' nature affect his career. This section will thus cater to situational resumes only. This will give you an idea of how to write a resume when you are in a specific situation or phase in your career. Career hopping, career gap, sector change, etc. be it whatever, you have an answer to your query now.

Writing situational resumes and in fact thinking over this is a comparatively difficult task than writing a resume. If you too are in a similar situation and wish to write a situational resume for yourself, you can refer to the various examples given in the links below. We have tried to cater to various situations, and have an example situational resume for all these varied situations.

Situational Example Resumes

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