Security Clearance Resume

A security clearance resume is written by applicants who possess expertise in the field of providing better security solutions to places like offices and similar governmental and non governmental institutions. It is important to make certain places and venues secure because of the increasing number of terroristic activities and threats in the recent times. Security clearance personnel not only make the place secure from terror threats but save the place and property from all sorts of security threats.

Applicants applying for the post of a security clearance must possess professional experience in the field. He/she should be trained and should possess the required skills, expertise and talents to be eligible for the post. The resume of a security clearance post must reflect the applicant's potentiality to be successful in the field. Framing a security clearance resume appropriately will enable the applicant to achieve better job opportunities. Below are some tips that will help applicants in framing a better security clearance resume.

Tips for writing better security clearance resume

  • A bit of online research will surely provide applicants with resources that will help applicants in framing the resume appropriately. Applicants can watch out for samples and formats available online for reference.
  • Selecting a proper format is essential as a format gives the resume its base structure and design.
  • Applicants must write the resume in formal tone as resumes are formal documents and must be written professionally.
  • Applicants must not provide additional information that is not related to the post.
  • The resume must be kept brief and short and applicants must mention only the credit worthy information.
  • Applicants must frame the resume in simple text so as to make it easy to read and understand.
  • Highlighting important points like skills and achievements is important.

Below provided is a sample of security clearance resume that will help applicants in gaining more information on how to construct a more appropriate and appealing resume for their job application. The sample provided below contains information that is fictional and applicants can make changes accordingly as per their own academic statistics, and professional history.

Sample Security Clearance Resume

Jose T. Hill
3330 Viking Drive
Smithfield, OH 43917
Email address: [email protected]
Telephone number: 494 485899

Career Objective: Looking forward to work for the security clearance post where I can use my skills and expertise to ensure better safety of the firm and restrict security breaching.

Career Profile: Prior experience of working as a Security Clearance Executive in some of the most established organizations where I have provided my help and support using my knowledge in the field to strengthen the security frame work of the organizations.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Possess prior experience of 7 years in the security clearance field
  • Deep knowledge of federal security guidelines and laws
  • Extremely motivated and dedicated
  • Possess good communication and behavioral skills
  • Proficiency in operating and working with several computer software and applications
  • Maintaining good relations with co-workers
  • Excellent work management skills

Professional History:

  1. Firm: Helix Software Solutions
    Designation: Security Clearance Executive
    Duration: January 2009 to February 2012

    • Responsible for designing new security frameworks
    • Primary assignment is to maintain proper security and prevent security breaching
    • Making changes and updating older programs as per new requirements

  2. Firm: Princeton Commercial Bank
    Designation: December 2006 to December 2008
    Duration: Security Clearance Official

    • Maintaining of proper security in the bank
    • Analyzing and monitoring of the whole bank
    • Making changes in security frameworks

  3. Firm: Dustball Industries
    Designation: Security Clearance Official
    Duration: September 2004 to October 2006

    • Assigned to look after the security system of the facility
    • Monitoring the facility
    • Helping in new better security frame works
    • Checking of security devises and hardware

Academic History:

  • Obtained a Diploma and in Security Clearance from Gomez Institute of Security 2004
  • Completed Graduation in general arts from Saint Louis University in 2003
  • Did full time schooling from Saint Louis international school in 2000

Declaration: I hereby declare that the information provided above is true to my knowledge.

Reference: Will be furnished on request

The tips and sample provided above on how to write a security clearance resume appropriately will surely help applicants in creating better resumes that will make the job application effort a more successful one.

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