Sample Security Resume

A security resume is used by people working in security agencies to apply for security and bodyguard jobs. Also, these resumes can be used to apply for certain managerial positions within the company. A security official's job description varies from scenario to scenario. One may be required to just guard a building, or may be required to secure a wider area with the help of other guards under emergency situations. But, whatever be the profile, their basic task is to avert any illegal activity from taking place - vandalism, theft, killings or smuggling.

A security officer may be armed, depending on the kind of place and people he is guarding. He may be assigned to guard a place alone, or with other security guards. They may also use patrol cars to patrol a larger area. The basic equipment that an officer carries is a gun, handcuff, whistle, baton, and a walkies-talkies among other things.

Both, the government as well as the private sector has security guards working for them.

Education-wise, for an officer carrying a weapon, he should be a high-school pass-out. Basic security training is required to get this job. This training is provided on-the-job. The level and kind of training depends upon the kind of job profile and rank. Following is a security resume sample.

Security Resume Sample

Leon Garcia
755 Grey Boulevard
New Orleans 92119
(800) 756-0956
[email protected]


To maximize the quality of security with strict vigilance and disciplined working style, thus contributing to the company's reputation, as one of the most trusted security agencies.

Profile/ Summary:

  • Security officer with 6 years of rich experience
  • Worked with some of the big names in the security industries
  • Up-to-date with new trends in the industry
  • Expert in organizing and managing subordinates
  • Expertise in securing out-of-bound, high level events venues
  • Good communication skills

Skill Set:

  • Hands-on experience in providing the most basic, as well as high-level security
  • Good at understanding body-language
  • Excellent at work-related safety measures
  • Experience at handling difficult situations
  • Good at maintaining priorities and deploying human resource accordingly

Computer Skills:

  • Good at handling CCTV - installation, as well as usage
  • Good at managing electronic security devices and sensors in high-security zones
  • Well versed with Microsoft Word, Excel
  • Internet savvy

Work Experience:

  • Z-Security
    Senior Security Officer (2009 till Present)

    • Planning and managing security deployment at various assigned sites
    • Managing security arrangements at several high-profile social events
    • Responsible for hiring new staff members
    • Training instructor for new recruits.
    • Ensuring proper time-in and time-out was followed during shift-change
    • Counseling the subordinates on various security issues
    • Ensuring all the weapons were in perfect condition


  • Completed high school from John Watson College, New York
  • Trained in martial arts- stick fighting and wrestling

Other Qualifications:

  • Received on-the-job training


  • Impeccable record of full-proof security on all my assignments
  • Received Certificate of Excellence in Security from the New Orleans Security Club
  • Assisted New Orleans Police Department on a number of cases including abduction and murder
  • Successfully completed a training in Security Electronics encompassing the installation and management of modern security devices
  • A fast career growth from an Assistant Security Officer to Senior Security Officer


  • Florida Private Detectives Squad
    • Permanent member of the special squad working with the police on cold cases

  • New Orleans Child Support Services
    • Helping the office with background-checks on prospective foster families

This is a properly structured format of Security Resume. This format can also be used for a security officer resume or a security guard resume, or just a basic resume sample. The important things to notice here are the section headings, sub-headings, the tone of the resume, and the length and number of bullet points. Never write a long resume. It can be 1-2 pages long, but not more than that. The information provided by you should be relevant to the kind of job profile at hand. From above resume sample, you can also able to write network security resume, sample format for security guard resume and information security resume example.

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