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Every post demands the submission of a resume at the time when applicants apply for the post. A security resume is written by applicants applying for the post of a security guard or for any other post in the security department. A security guard is a job of high responsibility and requires a lot of attention and conscientiousness. They help in providing security to official and private property and even human lives. Security guards are of high importance in safeguarding places like banks and ATM's, official premises, personal residences, etc. They are also seen working in places like hotels and restaurants, public places like shopping malls and multiplexes, historical places, gardens and parks, and a lot of other places.

The primary role played by a security guard is to safe guard the property they are assigned to look after. They also take care of the property and ensure that it is not misused. They take necessary steps at the time of emergency like a fire or other crisis situations and help in providing total security to the place. Security guards in places like malls and airports also perform monitoring work and monitor the people coming in and going out of the facility.

A security guard must work responsibly, and has to remain vigilant all the time to ensure better security. He/she must be physically strong and capable of taking proper decisions at the time of emergency. He must possess good communication as well as monitoring skills. He should possess proficiency in the use of gadgets and technology that are installed to provide security to a place like CCTV camera, alarms, etc.

Applicants applying for the post of a security guard must write their resumes in such a manner that it reflects their skills and expertise in the field. For applicants who don't have the proper idea of how to create a proper resume for the post of a security guard can follow the instructions given below. Tips for writing better security resume:

  1. Online researching: Applicants can do a bit of online research to know more about the post of a security guard and how to frame a resume for the post. There are several samples available on line from which applicants can take help from.
  2. Format selection: Selecting a proper format is essential. Without a format applicants won't be able to organize all the facts and figures properly in the resume.
  3. Keep the resume simple: Writing the resume in simple text will help the recruiter to understand the resume and the various aspects of the applicant properly.
  4. Keep it short: The resume should be kept brief and short. Applicants must not write unnecessary details that are irrelevant and not related to the post.
  5. Official tone: An official tone must be maintained as resumes are official documents. No informal words and texts must be used.
  6. Highlighting the credentials: Applicants must highlight the important points like skills and professional experience which are most likely to be given more importance by the recruiter.
  7. Proof reading: After the resume is written applicants must proof read the resume several times to ensure that there are no typo errors or grammatical mistakes.

By following the above techniques applicants can write an effective security resume that will be of significant help in the job application process.

Sample Security Resumes

Some other types of security resumes are below:

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