Sample Sales Resume

Sales resumes are resumes written by candidates who wish to apply for a job in the sales department. Applicants who have good knowledge and expertise in economics, market statistics, and demand of customers, etc. can apply for this post. Sales are a very important part of any business system and have to be handled properly with expert supervision.

Applicants writing a sales resume must know the techniques involved in writing one so that they have a better scope of doing well in their interview. Below are some important points that will help applicants in writing a better resume for sales department.

Tips for writing better sales resume

  • Online research must be conducted as it helps the applicant to gain knowledge on how to construct a resume in a better way. Applicants can look out for samples of sales resume available on the net and get a better on the understanding of the format and layout style.

  • Format selection is important as it a very important part of the resume. A format acts as a backbone for the resume and provides it with the basic structure and shape. Applicants will not be able to organize all the facts and figures properly if they are without a format.

  • Applicants must keep the resume simple to understand and read. Writing the resume in difficult language makes it difficult for the recruiter to understand. So applicants must use simple text.

  • The resume must be kept brief and short. Applicants must not write long sentences and paragraphs. Bulleted points must be used wherever necessary to shorten the length of the resume. Irrelevant information that is not related to the post must also not be provided.

  • Highlighting important points: Applicants must highlight the important points like skills, achievements, and professional experience. This will be helpful as the recruiter will get a quick understanding of applicant's potential.

  • Proof reading: Proof reading helps to make the resume free from typo errors and grammatical mistakes. Proof reading must be conducted several times so that the resume becomes flawless and error free.

Below is a sample resume for a sales executive post that will enlighten applicants more about the technique on how to write a proper sales resume. The resume below contains fake details but applicants can change it according to their will as per their requirement and needs.

Sample Sales Resume

David Wrangler
13th Augustine Avenue, Bronx
Manhattan, New York City (456 7665)
Email address: [email protected]
Telephone number: 43556 3211

Career Objective: To work as a sales executive in a reputed business firm or organization where my skills and expertise will be used for the improvement of sales of the company and will be a good experience in my career trajectory.

Career Summary: Prior work experience as a sales manager in a multinational organization for a period of 2 years. Possess excellent marketing and sales techniques.

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess excellent marketing techniques for improving sales
  • Possess good analytical and mathematical skills
  • Good farsightedness and determining of future sales
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Good knowledge of market trends, customer demands, economy, etc.

Work Experience:

Company: Bridgestone Automobiles
Post: Sales manager
Duration: May 2009 to April 2011

  • Making plans and programs for improvement of sales in future
  • Monitoring present sales trends
  • Making reports and statistical records for determining sales and comparing them with latest sales standards
  • Communicating with production department


  • Completed Masters in Finance with specialization in sales from New York University
  • Completed graduation in commerce from New York University
  • Completed full time schooling in from St. Paul's High School.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

We hope that the above tips and sample for writing sales resume will surely help applicants in writing a better resume for their job application. Here you can visit sample for sales retail resume and sales agricultural resume example.

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