Sales Representative Resume

A sales representative resume throws light on the applicant's skills and knowledge in the field of sales and marketing. A sales representative is a person who looks after matters related to sales and helps in the selling of goods and products produced by a firm. Applicants applying for this post must therefore possess good knowledge in the field of sales, market situations, consumers, regulating supply of goods from firm to market, marketing of goods, etc. and their resume must reflect these attributes.

Every firm and organization works for the production of certain goods and services selling which they earn profits. For the proper selling of goods and services firms hire sales representatives that assist in the sales of products produced by the firm thus enabling better profit collection. A sales representative performs a lot of functions making sure that the firm incurs maximum profit from the sales of its goods and services. He monitors the current situation of the market and performs market forecasting, analysis demand of consumers, and regulates supply as per market situation and consumer demand. Sales representative designs the flow of goods to the market from the firm and also determine the cost of products depending upon the demand for the product and market situations.

The resume that will be drafted by applicants applying for the position of sales executive must frame the resume following the contemporary rules of resume writing. Below mentioned are some important rules and techniques that applicants must use for making their resume look and sound appropriate.

Tips for writing a better resume

  • To make your resume look appropriate you must first select a proper lay out design that is the format. Formats are available on the internet and by looking at the samples provided in various websites in the internet you can get an idea of how to use them to organize your facts and figures aptly in the resume.

  • Researching on the job profile and firm you are applying for will help you in understanding more about the position and what the requirements are following which you can draft the resume.

  • Candidates must be clear on their objective and state what they are looking forward to by applying for the post. An appropriately written objective must state the applicant's positive side and make the recruiter realize how the applicant will be a positive asset for the firm.

  • Applicants must not mention the name of the firm or any one else in the resume. The resume must only state the applicant's personal details and contact information and the addressing part will be done by the cover letter that will be attached with the resume.

  • You must mention your skills and expertise appropriately in the resume. You can make separate sections for your personal, technical and professional skills and highlight each section with a proper heading.

  • Professional history must be written appropriately stating all the aspects of your previous work experience.

  • The resume must be written in an official tone and it must be written briefly with the use of bulleted points wherever necessary. Irrelevant information that has no relation with the position must not be mentioned

  • You must proof read your resume before drafting it to the recruiter and remove any mistake or error if any

Below is a sample of sales representative resume that will help applicants in understanding the format and writing technique of the resume.

Sample Sales Representative Resume

Myra W. Moore
2976 Camel Back Road
Henryetta, OK 74437
Telephone: 2929 299292

Career Objective: Looking forward to pursue a career as a sales representative in a reputed organization and help in the progress of the firm by using my skill sets and knowledge that I have gained over the years.

Career Profile: Possess a professional experience of 3 years in the field of sales with the opportunity to work with two of the most established organizations. Possess excellent marketing and sales management skills along with good communication skills and presentation.


  • Possess professional exposure in the field of sales and marketing for a period of 3 years.
  • Possess excellent sales and management skills.
  • Good knowledge of the market, market and stock analysis, future forecasting, etc.
  • Good knowledge of the economy and its various terms and details.
  • Excellent in handling clients and customers.
  • Proficiency in performing presentations.
  • Knowledge in the management of sales and supply and maintenance of records.
  • Proficiency in designing new plans and programs for improvement in sales.

Professional experience:

Firm: Wellesley Industries
Position: Senior Sales Representative
Duration: February 2010 to February 2012

  • Primary assignment was to manage the sales of the products produced by the firm.
  • Designed new modules and programs for improvement of sales.
  • Analysis of sales figures and making statistical data.
  • Presentation of new products for clients and customers.
  • Communicating and conferencing with clients and customers.

Firm: AZZAM Corporation
Position: Sales Representative
Duration: January 2009 to January 2010

  • Assigned for the proper sales of goods and services.
  • Executed new strategic plans and programs and programs for the betterment of sales.
  • Analysis of market and economy.
  • Regulating supply studying the various factors for better sales.


  • Completed Masters in Sales Management from Yale University.
  • Finished gradation in commerce with specialty in finance from Yale University.

I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Enclosures: Resume, Appreciation letter, reference letter.

The above sample of sales representative resume will surely help applicants in writing their own resume effectively and turn their job application endeavor into a successful one.

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