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Resume Action Verbs

A resume helps you present yourself to the prospective employer. While using your resume as a tool to fight the opponents in the job market, you put forth many skills and activities taken up by you at your work place, and during your academics or internship. The way you mention these skills or responsibilities makes a huge difference. Here 'action verbs' come into picture. There are certain resume action verbs that boost your resume by presenting your responsibilities and skills effectively. To know how to use these verbs in your resume, you must know what action verbs are.

What are action verbs?

These are words that portray action, an activity taken place, or an activity undertaken by you. In a resume, when you mention a list of skills and responsibilities in bullet points, it might not prove to be effective. On the other hand, when you justify how you use your skills using these action verbs, it is easily noticed and is more effective.

How to use action verbs?

  1. When you write your job responsibilities or responsibilities undertaken during your academic years, action verbs can be used

  2. List 4-5 responsibilities you wish to mention in your resume under the particular job title or role

  3. In each sentence, there is a main verb. For example 'Working as a Team Lead, I managed my team, maintained team records, and motivated my team for achieving their targets'. In this sentence, the main verbs are 'managed, maintained and motivated'.

  4. For using action verbs the sentence will be refromed by omitting the first person usage, and beginning the sentence with the correct action verb, for example - Managed a team of 12; Motivated the team towards achieving targets', etc. Here your action is mentioned, you contribution in the work is mentioned; thus, making the sentence more effective.

To help you understand the usage of these verbs, we have jotted down a list of action verbs as per different job profiles, and would discuss the same with a few examples.

  1. Clerical Skills:

    Some positions like Administrative Assistant, Accountant, etc., need to possess certain clerical skills. Their work responsibilities are such that these skills are used in their work routine. Action verbs help to put forth the same effectively. A few examples are as follows:

    Some other verbs are -
    Inspected, etc.

  2. Communication skills:

    Some jobs need exceptionally good interpersonal and communication skills, such as that of a Spokesperson, Marketing personnel, Trainer, etc. In these cases, it is essential to project your responsibilities wherein you have used your communication skills. A few examples are as follows -

    Some other examples are -
    Publicized, etc.

  3. Research Skills:

    To work as an Analyst, or to plan the strategies of the organization, one requires specific research skills, and in a resume, these skills need to be highlighted effectively. A few examples are as follows:

    Some other examples are -
    Reviewed, etc.

  4. Management Skills:

    Management skills are highly important in the professional work environment. One might not work at the management position, but still he/she has to manage his/her work, and thus make use of management skills.

    Some other examples are -
    Administered, etc.

  5. Creative Skills:

    Creative skills are a must for jobs like authors, actors, designers, animators, etc. Their work totally depends on the creative skills they use. A list of action verbs for such skills is as follows -

    Conceptualized - Conceptualized the advertisement campaign for Wine Tree
    Designed - Designed costumes for J. Paul's show
    Performed - Performed at the International Ballet Event
    Acted - Acted in Bay Watch
    Directed - Directed Food Tech, Sliced, etc.

    In a similar way, one can use action verbs and put forth one's skills and abilities. The examples given above makes it very clear that by starting a sentence with an action verb, one can put forth his/her skill or responsibility effectively.

    A few more action verbs that you can use for your resume are given in the table below.


    Use these action verbs and make your resume more impactful and effective.

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