Executive Recruiter Resume

An Executive recruiter resume is written by potential recruiters who specialize in finding and recommending applicants to the companies for higher posts like that of managers and administrative officers.

The recruitment agencies have a separate set of recruiters employed to cater to the employee needs of various industrial sectors. They are the middle agents between the company and the applicant who work with a promise of delivering the best prospective employees to the company.

An executive recruiter is needed by a company when it doesn't have ample time and/ or resources to go in search of applicants and then filter the applications and set up multiple levels of interviews. That's where the recruitment agencies come into the picture and promise to take care of finding, filtering and assessing stages of recruitment in exchange for a fee. The recruiters working here are much experienced and with diverse skills in the field of assessing and judging an applicant's merits and demerits through the use of S.W.O.T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

This work also makes use of strong persuasive and bargaining skills to get the applicant to agree to the client company's terms and conditions and also to deliver a fine potential employee to your client.

Following is an executive recruiter resume sample for your consideration.

Robin Nicholas
280 Bender Rd
Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 212-3426


To help clients recognize the best of the talents to employ the right person for the right job.


  • 5 years of experience in assessing and selecting for executive managerial positions
  • Skilled head-hunter with a great track record.
  • Worked for hiring processes of esteemed companies like Neil and Colin Financials, Eisenhower International and Harper Realty.
  • Specialist in analyzing one's body language.
  • Good contacts with various HR departments of various multi-national companies

Skill Set

  • Excel in business development, research and recruiting
  • Good understanding of clients' needs
  • Specialize in boutique search within specific sectors of production, marketing and HR.
  • Negotiation skills on compensations

Other Skills

  • Trained in analyzing body language of applicants
  • Internet savvy

Work Experience

  • SDS Recruiting Agency
    Senior Recruiter (2009 till Present)

    • Handled national recruitment operations for Tech MBS.
    • Developing recruitment procedures for the clients and thus optimizing the entire process.
    • Regular quality check of the entire process, step-by-step.
    • Keeping the client company in loop at all levels of prescreening and subsequent hiring levels.

  • RDF PR Recruiting
    Team Head (2007-2009)

    • Worked for TL Manufacturing in recruiting their senior manufacture and sales staff.
    • Developing recruiting procedures for Neil and Colin Financials.
    • Managing and coordinating a team of 10 employees

  • Mike and Spencer's Ad World
    Project Coordinator (2006-2007)

    • Handled official correspondence between the office and the clients- mail, letters, etc.
    • Generating contacts of potential applicants
    • Handling the database information


  • Graduation in Human Resources, University of New York, Batch- 2003-06 Other course and projects
  • Collaborated with Morgan Fisher on his book 'How to Hire Superman', Penguin Books' publication


  • Led a team of 10 employees and achieved the given target while working with RDF PR Recruiting.
  • Got recommendation letter from Mike and Spencer's Ad World for my consistent performance in the company.


  • The National Recruiters' Organization- member of the organization since 2008

In a sample resume or an executive recruiter resume, to be more specific, all the information has to be relevant to the job in question. You should be careful while writing the details that it should not make the resume too long and too time-taking for the recruiter to read. If you wish, you can even highlight certain important points or words in the body. It is recommended that you don't use more than 5 points under any heading. But if you have more key information to fill in, you can override this rule. The Affiliation part is optional, use it if applicable in your case.

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