Corporate Recruiter Resume

A corporate recruiter resume is written by potential recruiters who want to help the company with its functions of hiring and recruiting. The job of a corporate recruiter is to search, interview and hire the right candidate for the right job.

There are recruitment agencies that act as middlemen and bridge the gap between the applicant and the company. It selects and recommends applicants to the company based on certain assessment criteria. These agencies have expert recruiters who specialize in banking, marketing, sales, advertisement, HR and many other such fields. While searching for applicants and interviewing them, these recruiters assess them on the basis of the researched data and their business intelligence.

The work of finding the right people is a tough job and as good as a war. These recruiters have to find good employees and for that they need to find them, tempt them and negotiate with them. This becomes all the more difficult during harsh market conditions as during these times, employees won't, voluntarily, prefer a frequent change in jobs . Another very important responsibility involved here is that of head-hunting. This tests a recruiter's real skills as this requires full manipulation and negotiation skills practiced upon someone who is not readily available to change jobs. A head hunter works for a company that requires a specific someone for a specific task and so the head-hunter goes after the specific someone and persuades him/her to leave the present job and take up the new job.

Following is a corporate recruiter resume sample for your consideration. Here a recruiter is writing for a job with a recruitment agency.

Nick Winchester
21580 Bear Valley Rd
Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 322-9343


To find and deliver the most productive human resource to the client company through the use of extensive research and excellent negotiation skills.


  • 7 years of experience in hiring for the IT and PR sector.
  • Skilled head-hunter
  • Provided services to companies like Bryan Carlsberg, Hershiser's PR, NVidia Solutions, etc
  • Trained in understanding body language and a sharp eye for detail
  • Good contacts with various HRs in various IT, PR and marketing companies

Skill Set

  • Understanding of what a company needs in its employees and thus, the ability of identifying potential employees.
  • Efficient at conducting research and background checks on applicants
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Scheduling and handling logistics involved in interview sessions

Other Skills

  • Excellent in analytics
  • Trained in analyzing body language of applicants
  • Internet savvy

Work Experience

  • ABC Recruiters
    IT Recruiter (2008 till Present)

    • Project director, supervising the hiring process for specific accounts.
    • Ensuring complete and correct company and job details are provided beforehand to the applicants.
    • Strategizing the entire hiring process for the clients
    • Keeping the client company in loop at all levels of prescreening and subsequent hiring levels.
    • Performed the task of Head hunting, successful 80% conversion rate.

  • XYZ PR Solution
    Team Leader (2006-2008)

    • Lead the team on Hershiser's PR recruiting project
    • Researched and collected leads
    • Designating responsibilities to the team

  • GDD IT Connect
    Project Coordinator (2004-2006)

    • Handled communication between the team and the client side
    • Searching for potential employees
    • Online correspondence
    • Handling the database information


  • Graduation in Public Relations, Trebeca University, 2006-'04

Other Courses Undertaken

  • Diploma in applicant tracking systems with good knowledge of its operations


  • Became team leader at my second job due to my past track record
  • Displayed excellent leadership skills as a project director thus clocking in high conversion rates and more than satisfied clients
  • Clocked in 80% conversion rate in the field of head-hunting during my tenure at ABC as IT recruiter.
  • During my past experience, I have made excellent contacts in the HR divisions of many major corporations.


  • The National Recruiters' Organization- member of the organization since 2007.

Notice how the information has been arranged step-by-step under every category. And while doing so, one should never exceed than the required limit. For e.g., while using bullet-points, one should not ideally use more than 5 bullet points under a single heading, though, not a binding rule, but it is nice to keep the resume short, simple and to the point.

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