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A recruiter resume is an important piece of information for all the client companies that plan to hire a staff-recruiting agent. A recruiter not only has to have good hands-on knowledge of the field for which he is offering recruitment services, but also has to be good at painting a rosy picture of advantages for the applicants as well as for the client company.

There are different skills that a recruiter needs to possess. These are as follows:

  • Eye for detail- As a recruiter, he will come across thousands of job applications every day. It is his job to select the best ones out of these for screening purposes.
  • Identify the right person- By going through the resumes and cover letters, he has to decide which of them comply with the company's requirements and which of them have rich experience in that specific field.
  • Interviewing skills- One has to have comprehensive interviewing skills for this job. Selecting and recommending the right employee to a company is a big responsibility and involves a lot of time, money and other resources; but the client's trust is the major factor here. Thus, the recruiter should be able to judge the applicant properly in that interview and make sound decision.
  • Follow-up- A recruiter should always follow-up with the applicants who were capable enough but not for this specific profile. Many a times, a recruiter comes across such intelligent and capable people whom, he can use in some other, rightly deserved post or profile. For this, a database of all potential employees should be maintained by him.
  • Negotiations- He also has to negotiate with the employees over salary issues. He does this on behalf of the company and that company expects him to get the best possible deal for them.

In order to learn these skills and possess such knowledge, he has to have:

  • Hands-on experience- Hands-on experience in the related field is necessary, as this will give him a good knowledge about the working of the industry. This will also influence his recruiting decisions in a great many good ways. If he is an IT recruiter, he has to have a good prior experience in the IT field. This will also give more credibility to his recruiter's career.
  • Willingness to learn and adapt- In this continuously changing work environment, where technology and client demands change every day, he has to have the ability to learn about new trends and adapt to the new requirements that his clients demand of him.

Saying this, here are some recruiter resume tips that will help you drafting your own resume.

  • Give a strong objective statement- Your first section of the resume is Objective Statement. This one has to be concise and to the point. Let the reader know, from the word GO, that what are you here for and what are you willing to do.
  • Market your resume well- Using the sections like Professional Summary, Skill-Set and Work Experience; you can make sure that the recruiter gets to see what he desires to see. For this, you have to understand the expectations and ethics of the recruitment agency; what are their vision and mission. Then, carefully and smartly, write a crisp account of your work related details, making clear that you possess those skills that are required by the company.
  • Mind the length and tone of the resume- Never write a long resume with information overflow. This will discourage the reader from reading it and he may keep it aside for reading it in the end. Write a one-two page long resume and only put in those relevant details that, you think, could impress the reader.


This is a general outline for the profession of a recruiter. Keep in mind, the above information on skills and resume writing style while writing your own recruiter resume.

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