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Web developing has recently become a very successful career option and many applicants are choosing the field as a career option these days. Applicants applying for the web developer post must therefore construct a brilliant web developer resume that will be helpful during the job application process. The resume of a web developer must be written in such manner that it describes the expertise and potential of the applicant, to be a successful web developer.

But many applicants aren't sure of how to construct a resume that will be beneficial for them in the job application. Applicants with poor resume writing knowledge must know how to construct a resume that will help them in the construction of a more improved resume, for the job profile they are applying for. Below are some important tips that applicants may find interesting, and can apply them while writing their own resume.

Tips for writing a better web developer resume

  • A format is important when applicants plan on writing a resume. Formatting makes the resume look organized and systematic. Without a format, applicants will not be able to write all the facts about his personal, professional and academic aspects in a single sheet of paper. So choosing a format is of severe importance.

  • Applicants must write the resume in an official tone so as to give it a professional feel. Informal or casual texts make the resume sound bad and inappropriate.

  • Applicants should keep the resume brief. The employer won't engage themselves in reading a resume that is long and unnecessarily extended. Applicants should therefore stick to the main track, and should not provide information that is irrelevant to the post. Use of bulleted points and avoiding long sentences and paragraphs is therefore highly recommended.

  • Applicants should use easy English language to make the resume understandable to the reader. No difficult terms and conditions should be used.

  • Highlighting the important points is crucial. There are certain points like skills, job experience, achievements, etc., where the employer will put more emphasis on. Highlighting these points will surely help the recruiter gain knowledge of applicant's proficiency in the field easily.

  • Proof reading is important at the completion of the resume, as it reduces the possibilities of typo errors and grammatical errors.

With the help of these tips applicants can surely create a resume that will be appreciated by anyone who reads it. Below is a sample resume of a web developer, to make the concept more clear to the applicants.

Sample Web Developer Resume

Sam Worthington
23rd E Street, Manchester Lake City
Miami, Florida (345 3245)
Telephone number: 341 116532
Email address: [email protected]

Career Objective: Looking for a challenging position as a web developer in a prestigious firm where my knowledge and expertise in web developing will be beneficial for the company, as well as for my own personal experience.

Career Summary: Prior experience of working as a web designer and developer in a reputed firm for a period of 4 years. Possess excellent communication and computing skills.

Summary of skills:

  • Excellent computer skills with proficiency in several programs and languages
  • Solid ground in web designing
  • Proficient with Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Corel Draw, etc.
  • Expertise in web designing software and graphic design
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

Work Experience:

Company: Lycra Dot Software Inclusive.
Designation: Web Developer
Duration: 2008 to 2011

  • Primarily assigned for the development of websites.
  • Working under important projects and developing new improved websites with easy usability.
  • Accepting and handling client requests.
  • Presentations for clients
  • Rework on older websites

Academic history:

  • Completed Post graduation Diploma Course in Web Designing from FXD Institute, Miami.
  • Completed graduation in computer engineering from Miami University

Personal Interest: Video gaming, internet surfing, music, traveling, etc.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the information provided above is true to my knowledge.

Reference: Will be provided on request.

We hope that the above sample and tips for writing a suitable Web Designer resume will surely help applicants in creating resumes that will help them in their job application.

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