Software Programmer Resume

A Software programmer resume is written by applicants portraying their ability to design and develop computer software programs. A software programmer is a person who is academically and professionally qualified to design, develop, and deploy various types of computer software and applications. Applicants applying for the post must frame a resume that reflects his innovative ability with ample scientific and technical knowledge in the field of computer software and programming.

A resume of a software programmer should focus on certain specific aspects of the applicants that are essential for the post. The most important aspect that will be required for applying for the post is to possess good analytical knowledge. He/she applying for the post must possess good education in the field of computer science and should bear good academic history. Applicants should also mention about their professional history in the resume as the recruiter will have a good look at the applicant's professional background. They should also portray their designing and innovative skills with their ability to think out of the shell. Applicants applying for the post must also possess the aspect of good communication and presentation skills.

Applicants writing the resume for the post of a software developer must possess the appropriate skills for framing a proper resume. Resume writing is associated with confusion and lack of knowledge as one does not write a resume frequently. As it is seldom written, one may not be aware of the rules and techniques involved. Below mentioned are some tips following which applicants can furnish an excellent software programmer resume.

Tips for writing an appropriate software programmer resume

  • Format following: Applicants must follow a proper format as it gives the resume it basic shape and pattern. Without a format the resume will be disorganized and clumsy.

  • Keeping it simple and brief: Applicants writing the resume must keep the resume brief with use of simple understandable words and texts. No irrelevant information that is not related to the position must be provided.

  • Formal tone: A resume is an official document. So applicants must maintain a formal tone whole writing the resume to make it look professional.

  • Mentioning the skills and expertise: Applicants must mention their skills and expertise in the field of software development and programming.

  • Highlighting the important aspects: Applicants must highlight aspects like achievements, skills, and professional experience to make the resume look better.

  • Proof reading the resume: The resume must be proof checked so as to reduce the possibilities of grammar and typo errors.

Below is a sample software programmer resume that will provide ample evidence to applicants in writing the appropriate resume for their job application.

Sample of Software Programmer Resume

Ethan Kroger
234 Brodrick Highway, South Grapevines City
Loss Angeles, California (44 4943)
Email address: [email protected]
Telephone number: 546 4459

Career Objective: Looking for the challenging position of a software programmer in a reputed software development firm where my skills and expertise will be utilized for the development of the firm and will provide me with quality work experience.

Career Profile: Possess prior experience of working in the field of software designing and development for a period of 6 years. Possess specialized knowledge and skills in the field of programming and software designing.

Skills and Expertise (General):

  • Possess excellent skills in the field of software development
  • Managing clientele requirements
  • Adaptability with highly dynamic technical environment
  • Expertise to work under pressure
  • Management of work and proficiency to work under multiple programs and projects
  • Ability to deliver power packed performance in meetings and conferences
  • Possess excellent communication and presentation skills

Skills and Expertise (Technical):

  • Expertise in formulating web development
  • Expertise in taking back up support from parallel systems for the sustenance of legacy system
  • Expertise in databases like MySQL, Access, Oracle, SAP
  • Possess proficiency in programming languages like Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, XML, ASP, SQL, etc.
  • Knowledge of software like Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, Eclipse, DB Artisan, FrontPage, etc.
  • Documenting programming work
  • Implementation of policies and maintenance of security

Professional History:

  1. Company: Interscope Software
    Position: Software Engineer
    Duration: January 2008 to January 2011

    • Designing and development of new software
    • Testing of new and old software
    • Updating of programs and system software
    • Research work and diagnostics performed on new software programs
    • Development of reports
    • Presentation of work in front of clients and associates

  2. Company: Perception Software Pvt. Inc.
    Post: Junior Software Engineer
    Duration: February 2005 to January 2008

    • Designing of new programs
    • Enrolled in documentation work and coding
    • Updating old and new systems and software programs
    • Checking and application of policy programs
    • Working for clients and assignments related to various outside bodies and partners
    • Maintenance of reports and archives
    • Active performance in presentations, conferences, and meetings


  • Achieved Masters in Computer Application From Caltech University in 2004
  • Did Graduation in Computer Science from California University in 2002

Personal Interest: Book reading, traveling, internet surfing, etc.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Reference: Will be published on request.

The above sample and tips for writing a software programmer resume will surely help applicants in writing the resume that will create a difference in their job application. Feel free to visit college student resume example, sample for IT student resume and example for student resume.

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