Sample Programmer Resume

This programmer resume is for helping you write a suitable resume for future job prospects. A resume of this kind must mention your relevant capabilities and experience in terms of your computer programming skills and knowledge of different computer languages. Mentioning about your expertise in the field of software coding and decoding will add to the worth of your resume application. A programmer is expected to work very hard, as is the nature of this profession, and give results as efficiently as desired by the company. Mentioning skills like the ability to work under pressure and team work are essential to add here. To grab the attention of the reader, highlight your USP, signifying the ways in which you can add to the productivity of the company. Supporting the claims with the relevant educational qualification follows here. Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and other industry-convention languages is a must. The job profile can be that of a systems analyst or a software tester, or an uploader. Following is the sample resume for the same.

Programmer Resume Sample

Howard Hughes
313 Kofmann Avenue
Madisonville, KY 42431
(270)-709 2627
[email protected]

Profile Summary

  • Experience of 5 years in the industry
  • Specialize in HP3000 mainframe programming.
  • Expert in planning, developing and testing programs and applications
  • A customer-centric approach and consultation with clients in the developing stages and clarifying doubts.
  • Working knowledge of C#, VB.NET,.NET, 3.5, SQL database and Crystal Report.
  • Worked for premium clients like DFD, XYZ and ENR.


  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good inter-personal skills
  • Extrovert and at ease to express views and give suggestions in a group
  • Dedicated and hard working
  • Habit of completing the work in time
  • Good experience of working with C#, VB.NET,.NET, 3.5, SQL, Netscape Communicator, Telnet, Frontpage,HP Deskscan, Quark Express, Virtual WebTrends, Unix, Mac, Windows and Perl
  • Practice of preparing flowcharts and diagram in order to explain the series of logically sequential steps that are to be taken to execute an operation.

Work Experience

Gigabyte IT Solutions
Senior Systems Analyst (2009-present)

  • Authored numerous mainframe software solutions to cater to the clients with requirements of managing human resource, sales, research result generation, etc.
  • Created and uploaded support sites for the customers of our clients, including all the main interactive information pages.
  • Uploading and updating of the websites of our clients.
  • Administrating the process of debugging on regular basis and finding out stable solutions.

TL Systems
Programmer (2007-2009)

  • Created inventory tracking system for inventory in transit. Further created a real time interactive system for the transportation companies.
  • Designed software and codes for the client companies.
  • Software testing (games, applications, user interactive software)
  • Analyzed the web traffic on client sites and prepared reports on further strategies.
  • Updated the client production tracking framework for the workshop.

Educational Qualification

  • Masters in Computer Sciences (with specialization in programming and software testing), University of Florida, 2007
  • Bachelors in Compute Sciences, University of Florida, 2005

This is a sample programmer resume for your consideration. Notice the amount of technical details provided by the writer here. This signifies his/ her experience and knowledge of the field of computer programming. A recruiter will always be looking for such extensive knowledge in an applicant's resume in terms of his experience and educational qualification. Separate sections and sub-sections are to be used in order to divide the information under suitable headings for the ease of the reader. This way the reader can easily find what he exactly wants to see in the resume and it also saves his time. Under work experience, mention only the relevant experience. If you have previously worked in some other industry, you should mention it only if the experience gained from it could or has helped you in this career of yours in any notable way. So all the best and write a crisp, to-the-point resume.

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