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Computer programming is one profession, which, even though virtually unheard of around thirty-five years ago, has become one of the front leading jobs of choice for many with an expertise in technicality, ever since the various booms in the fields of info tech and software development. At this point in time, the amount of competition for programming vacancies is higher than ever. That makes it crucial to have a programmer resume, which is perfectly structured and compiled (just like a fully functional computer program!) and where the best aspects of the candidate's tenure and past have been showcased more prominently than anything else on the resume.

On this page, we have provided you with step by step tips of constructing such a resume for programmers, and before that, let us have a look at what the job of a programmer entails, along with the scope for such a job.

Details and Scope of a Programming Job

Even though there are different software languages which are utilized for creating different software applications, the basic requirement of any computer programmer is the same. Formulate and structure different programs, based on his or her knowledge of the language he or she is required to program in, and come up with the front end and back end programming codes for a desired software app.

When it comes to computer programming, you could be a simple computer language programmer, a software developer (where you not only have to write programs, but you yourself have to conceptualize a software application model, design an entity relationship diagram which dictates what languages and programs would go into creating the application in its fully functional form, and how to go about doing it, and then do the actual coding;. whereas, regular programmers are already informed what they would have to work on, and just work on the programming). As you can tell, software developers receive the best salary packages in the business, though regular programmers do not make shabby earnings by any meaning of the term.

Let us now have a look at how a programmer resume is put together-

Strategizing a Programmer Resume

You have to structure your resume almost in a manner as organized, logical, and systematic, as a regular computer program. This is how you go about it-

Beginning of the Resume

The start of the resume would comprise of the basic personal information- usually the four basic aspects of you which establish your identity and immediate reliability - Your name, your address, your residential number or cell phone number, and your email id.

What do you bring to the table?

The next part of your resume should be your objective where you basically state why you are interested in the job in the first place, and what qualities you possess, which are unique entirely to yourself (note that the entire objective should not be more than one or two sentences).

Previous Work Experience

Your previous work experience is extremely important when it comes to a technical job, such as that of a computer programmer's; so for that very reason, you need to mention the technical knowledge which was required of you at your previous jobs.

For example, if you previously worked heavily on database languages like SQL/ PHP for data storage purposes in your last company, then you need to mention that you are well versed in SQL and PHP, and that you were working on live projects for your previous company.

It would also be smart to focus on those aspects of your experience, which are the most similar to the job which you are currently doing. For example, if you are applying for a programming job, which heavily utilizes Java and Advanced Java, you should not only mention, but also highlight any experience you have had compiling programs in Java and Advanced Java in the past.

Programming Skills

It is imperative that you mention all of your technical skills in the Skills section of your programming resume. Note down all the programming languages you are comfortable with, as well as other software like Microsoft Office and even operating systems like Linux and Windows (being comfortable with more operating systems is an added feather to your hat).

You may write down positive personal traits like your stability of mind, upbeat attitude, dedication to work et cetera, but focus primarily on your technical skills and knowledge.


Obviously, you need to include all the various programming related degrees you have achieved in the past, along with the name of your colleges and the respective years you achieved the degrees in. Maintain a table to post these statistics- gives the resume a more organized look. You may also write down any achievements you bagged during your educational years in a bullet list format after the "Education Table".

So basically it is all about focusing on your technical knowledge, skills and experience when it comes to preparing a programmer resume. Keep the resume as precise and as organized as possible. After all, presentation of the resume is one of the biggest factors when it comes to a job as technical as computer programming!

Sample Programmer Resumes

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