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Privacy Policy

When a visitor visits our website, we only record the IP address. We never collect any identification information like name, contact number or email address. We also do not collect any information related to the domain, route, location, etc. When you provide such information in the 'Contact Us' form, it remains confidential. The IP addresses are recorded to keep a count of the number of unique visitors for our website, for internal purposes and management of the website.

You might get some informative emails or advertisements on your email, regarding some offers and schemes that could be useful to you. However, this is only when you register for such free services. Nonetheless, you can stop this service as and when you want. This is applicable in case of providing your email address explicitly and not via double opt-in. Your privacy is not compromised in any way for any business profit, or any other purpose.

Third Party Advertising:

We use Burst Media, Casale Media, Buds Inc, Google, RealCastMedia, Commission Junction, MaxWorldwide and other third-party advertising companies, that provide advertisements on our website. These companies keep a count of the number of times a visitor visits the website. These companies use this information for providing relevant advertisements on the website that would let you know about the goods and services of your interest.

Third Party Cookies:

The advertisers place or make use of a 'unique cookie', which is at the visitor's browser. This helps them track the targeting and website navigation of the visitor.

Other advertisers and Google Inc. also use these cookies to manage and place the advertisement on the website. Google using these cookies for tracking and other mechanisms, is subject to the privacy policy and procedures of Google.

Google Advertising:

For publishing ads via AdSense, Google makes use of Double Click Dart Cookies. When you visit the website and click on these ads, a cookie is dropped at your browser. The cookie collects some data, and AdSense uses this data to help the publisher manage the advertisements on the website. As per the privacy policy of Google, you can stop the Double Dart cookie functioning at your end.

If you still have any queries or any issues related to our privacy policy, you can write to us on [email protected]