Traffic Police Resume

A Traffic Police resume is written by a candidate who is interested for the post of a Traffic Police. Traffic Police is a person who is working in the traffic section of the Department of Police. This is one of the sectors of the administrative service, which is responsible for taking care of the accidents and proper traffic conditions in the state. While writing your resume make sure that it is short and simple. You need to mention your educational qualification required for this job, and your technical skills that you possess. The Traffic Police Department is responsible for public safety, and they safeguard the property and people. The ensure motor vehicles law, and take care that vehicles on the road are driving as per this law. When you write your resume, you need to take care that you mention the skills required for such jobs. A resume should be written impressively, so that you get selected for the job interview. A good resume gives you an extra advantage to get selected for a job.

Traffic Police Resume Example

David Perez
2333 Maple Street
Missouri - 5443
Contact No. - 022-324-5882
Email Id -

Career Objective

Seeking the position of a Traffic Police, where I could apply my educational qualification and talent for the sake of public safety and the Traffic Police Department.

Key Skills

  • Good communication skill
  • Quick Learner
  • Highly enthusiastic and energetic to work in dynamic environment
  • Highly dedicated and motivated towards my work
  • Good knowledge of traffic rules and regulations of the Traffic Department
  • Follow and act as per the rule
  • Capable to work even on weekends

Educational Qualifications

  • Completed Bachelors in Police Administration and Traffic, from the University of Missouri, in the year 2007
  • Completed Bachelors in Arts from the University of Missouri, in the year 2006
  • Completed high School from Saint Thomas School, Missouri

Work Summary

City Sergeant Police Department, Missouri
Designation: Sergeant
Duration: August 2007 to October 2009


  • Responsible to maintain the traffic of the city
  • Checking the license and vehicle number of the people
  • Following the rules of the Traffic Department strictly
  • Maintaining computer applications related to traffic system
  • Attending training sessions held by the Traffic Department
  • Checking whether pollution is under control, and preventing driving under influence of alcohol

State Traffic Police Department, Missouri
Designation: Traffic Officer
Duration: December 2009 to till Date


  • Working as per the rules and regulations of the Traffic Department
  • Maintaining the traffic of the city
  • Checking the authorization of the vehicles
  • Working on the computer system, by which traffic is controlled
  • Training the juniors when needed

Languages known: English and Spanish

Achievements: Was awarded as the best Software Engineer of the company in the year 2009


Charles Moore
Traffic Officer
ABC Traffic Department, Missouri
Email Id:

The samples of the Traffic Police resume are given above, which you can refer and write a resume for your next job. You just need to prepare an impressive resume, when you apply for a job, so that the employer selects you for the job.

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