Sample Police Resume

A police resume should display the candidate's ability to thwart crime by acknowledging the citizens' complaints, investigating crimes and interrogating the suspects to bring the criminals to justice, thereby promoting peace and minimizing the rate of crime in and around their designated locations. You, as a candidate applying for a job in vigilant forces, should focus on highlighting your analytical skills, interrogation skills and investigating skills, while shedding light upon your health and physical conditions.

Amongst the parasitic population, engrossed in greed, violence, thievery and other petty crimes, there is a need for honest, responsible and honorable people who can systematically rid the society of criminal termites and roaches who tend to slime their way onto making money by illegal means, thereby making the nation a safer place to live for its citizens. Today, as the number of criminals in the society exceeds the population of mosquitoes, the need for vigilance has drastically increased in the past 2 decades, providing opportunities for several candidates seeking a career in the field of law enforcement.

Following are the parameters for an effective police resume -

  • Objective - Your objective should be clear and concise, shedding the light upon your career interest and goals with respect to the type of job you are applying

  • Profile - Include a brief introduction to your profile, mentioning the essential skills and abilities that you possess, pertaining to your area of expertise

  • Education - It is very important to highlight your academic background, where you need to include information about the degree, the institution, and the grades acquired

  • Work experience - Your work experience plays the most crucial part in your resume. You need to highlight your previous job details as a police official, giving additional significance to your job duties and responsibilities

  • Accomplishments - Before you conclude your resume, do include your key achievements during your previous role as a police official. While doing so, you should mention any awards, medals or rewards that you have earned during your previous service

  • Training - if you have no prior experience, then you need to mention essential details of your training program including what you learnt from it

Below is a great sample police resume that will definitely aid you in preparing an effective one for your application.

Mr. Oswald S. Berets
1501 Lowland Drive - Romeoville, IL 60441 - (815)372-2259 - [email protected]


An honest and humane police detective seeking an opportunity to minimize the crime rate within the society, thus offering my service to protect the nation.


  • Resourceful and disciplined law enforcement professional possessing 6 years of experience as a Police Detective
  • Excellent understanding in processing material evidence
  • Known amongst the seniors for possessing exceptional investigation and interrogation skills
  • Recognized and awarded for implementing innovative techniques for solving major crimes
  • Highly proficient in communication both written and verbal
  • Can speak as well as write German and Russian fluently
  • Adept in guiding a team of investigators
  • Thorough with all the rules of evidence and rules of search and seizure


Highlands Police Department - Highlands, NC - Detective - August 2005 till October 2011
Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • Conduct innovative investigations to analyze tortuous crime scenes
  • Investigate several cases of unattended death, murders, rapes, child sex offense, cyber crimes
  • Collaborate with informants to extract necessary information pertaining to the crime scene investigation
  • Analyze forensic reports to match the physical evidences within the crime scene
  • Study and analyze photographs of crime scenes to look for further evidences
  • Train and mentor new recruits (since June 2009)


  • Developed a new administrative system for minimizing the number of lost and misplaced documents
  • Selected for the Internet Crimes Against Children team in September 2008
  • Solved 26 major cases in total in the past 6 years of service


Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice - University of North Carolina, NC - 2005
Law Enforcement Officer Certificate
Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer Certificate

Use the above sample resume to give you a clear idea of how your police resume needs to look like.

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