Sample Deputy Superintendent of Police Resume

A deputy superintendent of police resume is written by a person to showcase his ability and strong-will to fight crime relentlessly- investigate the events and question the suspects in orderly manner to reach the culprit. Bringing the culprits to justice is a police officer's prime work thus ensuring harmony and a crime-free city. A candidate applying for this post needs to highlight his skills pertaining to eye for details and analytic ability, to see through the smallest of the details. These skills are the most important ones while working in crime fighting force. One can also mention his past success rate in solving cases, interrogation success rate and other factors like interpersonal skills and level of motivation and integrity.

In the world of today, where there is crime and violence on every nook and corner of every street, the work of such crime fighting patrol teams and senior police officers has become even more necessary. It falls on them to protect the citizen of their city and jurisdictions from such miscreants and thieves. With expansion of cities and growth in the industrial field, there has popped up more and more greed and filth in the hearts and minds of people of lower moral values and ethics. These people are highly dangerous to the society and should be apprehended as soon as they take that first step in the direction of dark.

Following are the points and their chronological order in which they should appear in a resume.

  • Objective statement- First comes the objective statement, which should pack punch and should be able to impress the reader in one go.

  • Profile summary- This includes your USP and other important catchy details about your experience and work.

  • Work experience- Follow this heading with the details about the police stations where you worked in the past, along with the post held by you there. Also the period of your posting with that police station needs to be mentioned there.

  • Education- Mention the relevant education details along with the college name and your specialization.

  • Achievements- This section carries details of your achievements in the field of your work.

So these are the points that need to be covered by you in your resume. Following is the deputy superintendent of police resume sample.

Officer John McClane
151 Mudholand Avenue
Los Angles Police Department
[email protected]


An honest and diligent police officer with a high success rate in fighting crime, seeking the promotion to the post of deputy superintendent of police.


  • Rich experience of 8 years working in the streets in the project areas, China Town area and Hells' Kitchen.
  • Resourceful and equipped with many informers in the field
  • Excellent in street work and good, comprehensive talking skills.
  • Famous for solving the Green Zone firing episode
  • Headed the Pelham 123 train hijacking inquiry and caught the perpetrators on board.
  • Understanding of crime scene procedure and evidence collecting.
  • Known amongst the higher ranks for integrity towards the police force and my colleges.
  • Highly decorated and recipient of President's Medal.


Precinct 13, LAPD
(2008- 2012)
Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • Specialized in investigation procedures
  • Investigated the Green Door Hotel drug dealings and in 2008, apprehended the culprits.
  • Worked on the case of wrong medical drug deliveries in LA's Holy Mother Hospital
  • Headed the Pelham 123 train hijacking inquiry, and after a day's long operation, arrested the criminals.
  • Collaborated with the officials from the Scotland Yard on the Hilsbury bombing investigation.
  • Analyzing the fingerprints on the database for potential match.
  • Developed keen interest in forensics.

Bradbury Police Office
Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • Investigated the Rockford twin murder case
  • Learn the street working procedures from my mentor Lt. Hollis Mason
  • Investigated the Hoover Hotel prostitution racket.
  • Achieved 80% success rate in crime solving


Passed out from the LAPD Police Academy, 2004
Bachelor's in Psychological studies, 2003


  • President's medal for bravery in the Pelham 123 hijacking case
  • LAPD distinction medal for the Green Zone operation.

This is the deputy superintendent of police resume sample for your reference. You can modify the field content, as applicable.

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