Chemist Resume

An applicant who possesses the expertise and skills in chemical engineering writes a chemist resume. A chemist is a person who studies and investigates the structure of substances and chemicals and then prepares new compounds and substances for various human uses. They interpret and analyze the molecular structure of elements and compounds and then make changes in the molecular form, through the use of different laboratory methods for creating new substances.

As one can understand from the above description, the work of a chemist is pretty practical and involves scientific methods and techniques. A chemist performs strategic scientific experiments for developing new substances depending upon the need and requirement. He also engages in coordination, evaluation, and implementation of a wide range of research activities and programs.

Applicants applying for the post of a chemist must possess extensive knowledge in the field of chemistry. A chemist performs almost 95 percent of his work activities in a laboratory conducting scientific experiments and related activities, so an applicant applying for the post of a chemist should possess proficiency of working in a scientific laboratory. He/she should know how to conduct experiments safely following the rules and precautions. A chemist should hold good knowledge on how to use the various tools and equipment in the laboratory that are used for conducting scientific experiments.

Applicants applying for the post of a chemist must deliver a resume to the recruiter portraying his skills and talents in the field of chemistry and pharmaceutical science. Applicants applying for the post must therefore furnish an appropriate resume for turning the application for the job, a successful endeavor. As all applicants must know, resume writing involves the application of some amount of rules and techniques. As resume is an official document it must be written sincerely with proper care and attention. Below is a sample resume for the post of a chemist that will enlighten applicants about the basic procedure for writing a resume effectively so that it catches the eye of the recruiter. The resume consists of fictitious details and applicants can update the resume and make changes as per their own statistics.

Sample Chemist Resume

Carlos Smith
23rd E Street Avenue, Duplex
San Francisco, California (455 42454)
Telephone number: 4334 49333
Email address: [email protected]

Career Objective: Looking forward to take the challenging post of a chemist where I can utilize my skills and expertise to help patients in taking the right medicine for treating their diseases and to perform laboratory work for scientific tests and experiments.

Career Profile: An established and successful chemist with a professional experience of 6 years in the field. Possess excellent analyzing skills along with good communication and computer skills.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Expertise in analyzing elements and compound substances
  • Analyzing compounds of organic and inorganic entities
  • Developing new compounds and chemical formulas for making new medicines
  • Performing tests and diagnostic procedures
  • Expertise in analyzing results and making reports
  • Coordinating with co-workers
  • Possess good work management skills
  • Possess professional expertise in performing laboratory experiments

Professional Experience:

  1. Firm: Lexington Chemicals
    Post: Chemist
    Duration: December 2008 to December 2011

    • Conducting experiments on various chemicals and substances
    • Diagnostics and analysis work
    • Understanding the physical properties of materials
    • Writing papers on the procedure and technicalities of experiments

  2. Firm: PNG Pharmaceuticals
    Post: Chemist
    Duration: December 2005 to December 2008

    • Experimental work
    • Addressing patients and helping them with their prescriptions
    • Taking care of the retail counter
    • Performing research work on various substances for determining their medicinal quotient


  • Achieved PhD in Chemistry from Yale university in 2005
  • Did Masters in Science in the field of Chemistry in 2000 from Yale University
  • Did graduation in Science with specialization in Chemistry from California University

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Reference: Will be submitted on request.

The above sample of chemist resume will surely go a long way in providing enough access to applicants for writing better resume for their job application. From above resume example, you can also write sample for chemical engineering resume as well.

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