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Writer Resume needs to be created in such a manner that it can get the best and the maximum response. A second look guaranteed effect can only be obtained if there are attractive highlights in the resume. The context of the resume has to properly shape up; only then can it be capable enough of convincing the recruiter. Context behaves like a key that makes a difference from all other resumes a recruiter goes through. Resume should be designed as a precise bunch of facts regarding an individual, rather than looking like a story-like narrative document.

A writer's resume has to be designed in a very impactful way, because the amount of attention it gets from recruiters, or the number of interview call it gets, is directly proportional to the way in which the resume is designed. A nicely created resume will always grab more of attention and higher number of interview opportunities. Resume of a writer should slightly reflect a glimpse of how good he/she is at writing, and the skills related to writing. Resume should be result oriented, because if they are generating no response from the other end, this means the resume is just not up to the mark. A resume needs to be very proficient in explaining the candidate's personality in the best way possible, without making it appear like a story.

A Sample of Writer Resume is added below, it can be of great help for people who need to take help in making a resume for themselves, or for those who need to modify their resume, Writer resume needs to clearly portray the kind of writing work a Writer is interested in doing, and has done ever before. The resume will be explained here in fragments.

A Writer Resume Sample:


The first fragment of the resume contains all the contact details, right from the name, contact numbers and email ids.

Example -

1221, Barbara lane
United States.

Fragment 2: -OBJECTIVE

This fragment of the resume contains all the objectives of the individual related with the job, and the job role. This section should not have more than two lines explain about the objective of the individual.


This section of the resume contains all the scholastics and the academic records of the candidate. In this section all the courses pursued and the degrees availed are suppose to be mentioned. In a Writers resume, it's also about the major facts like:

  • Writing: Experience of professional writing, since how many years. Name of the publication you have been working for.
  • Business and Corporate Writing: Brochures, annual reports, newsletters and other business materials written by the individual needs to be mentioned as well.
  • Editing: Explain what all kinds of editing experience the individual possesses, and what all places the candidate has worked as an Editor.


This fragment in the Writer's resume needs to explain about all the work experience sustained by the Writer. This section also should be explaining of all the skills and responsibilities you got to learn, while you were at the previous jobs.


ABC Company Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: - Asst. Writer
Duration: - 1st June 2008 to 30th December 2010

XYZ Company Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: -Chief Editor
Duration: -1st January 2011 to 5th march 2012


In this fragment, you can mention all the awards and the titles you have been awarded with since your college time. All the awards that you have been awarded at the previous workplace also need to be mentioned here.

Fragment 6: - AFFILIATIONS

This section should be explaining about your associations and links with all the organizations you ever worked, or did anything for. It basically implies on your affiliations, and as what interest and purpose were you there with the organizations.

This is all about designing a Writer's resume. If all these facts are kept in mind while designing the Writer resume, the product resume will be very much impressive and will get all the attention, it deserves from the recruiter. This page will also give you sample for copy editor resume.

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