Training Manager Resume

Training Managers are those bodies in the organizations, who train and expertise the staff members according to the organizations requirement. The Training Managers are responsible for all the trained and well skilled staff in any organization. The Training Manager Resume should be created in such a manner that all the skills and the qualities of the Training Manager are highlighted. In a job role of a Training Manager, his/her skills are his major tools. He needs to be very skillful and highly responsible. The job role of a Training Manager is of total responsibility, where it is needed to train 'n' number of staff. There are many responsibilities that need to be mentioned in the resume of the Training Manager, but the essential ones to be mentioned are listed below:

The change in the role of a Training Manager has a few challenges to go through, which are mentioned below: -

PROFESSIONAL CHALLENGE: It's all about the updates of the professional trends that need to be updated in any organization.

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE: This section deals with the updates that are needed to be there in the aspects of company policies, legislation, and new methods of technical training.

STRATEGIC CHALLENGES: In this section, the changes in the skill requirements are monitored, and then responded accordingly.

There is a sample of Training Manager resume attached below, it will be of great help for individuals who are looking for help in modifying their resume, and also for those who wants to create a fresh one:


Martha Lobo

1221, Barbara lane
United States
[email protected]

October 4th, 2011.

Career Objective:

The position a candidate has applied for, or the interest a candidate has for any specific job role. The major goals that have been set by an individual to be achieved in the future should also be mentioned here.

Key skills:

All the responsibilities held by the candidate have to be mentioned in this section. The skills possessed by the candidates, and skills the candidate is capable of executing, should be mentioned here.

For example:

Academic qualification:

In this phase all the degrees and courses obtained by the candidate needs to be mentioned. The marks obtained in each of the courses and degrees needs to be mentioned. The name of the school and the name of the universities are essentially required to be mentioned.


All the languages the candidate is aware of; be it the mother tongue or any foreign language is also required to be mentioned here. For example:

Work Summary:

This section needs to be all about the work experience an individual has got. Name of all the organizations the candidate has worked with. The time duration for which the candidate has served the company and the designation held; all has to be mentioned in this section.

For example:

XYZ Company
Designation: - Asst. Training Manager
Duration: - 4th January, 2008


This section contains all the awards, titles and the achievements by the candidate.


This part of the resume contains the association and links of the candidate from any organization. The role played in the organization and the purpose of association; everything like this should be mentioned.


In this section, the candidate is supposed to mention if he/she has got any references for the job post applied.

The Training Manager resume has to be concluded finally with a sincerely or cordially. If the given format of the resume is followed by an individual, it can be of great help. It will help anyone to maintain the professional standards of the resume, and also make it attractive at the same time.

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