Quality Review Auditor Resume

Every production unit takes in some inputs and uses it to produce some outputs. The inputs used in the production determine the quality of output. These inputs and the process of production, needs to be reviewed at different stages, to assure that the produce is as per the set standards. This helps in assurance of quality levels. For this, the organizations recruit a special person whose duty is to overlook the production activities for quality assurance. This person is known as a 'Quality Review Auditor' or 'Quality Auditor'. The Quality Auditors are required in all types of industries, be it a textile industry, food industry, electronics, automobile, pharmaceutical, etc. However, the qualifications required for different industries vary to a certain extent. Thus, there is much scope for Quality Auditor, and therefore there is a huge demand for a 'Quality Review Auditor Resume Sample'.

Job Responsibilities:

The core job responsibility of the Quality Auditor is quality assurance. The auditor sees to it that the production activities are such that it leads to the desired quality output. The quality standards are set by the various governing bodies, and also by the organization itself. The quality auditor has to see that the produce is in compliance with these set standards. He/she also suggests on improvements and innovations that help in better quality results. He/she is also responsible for tracking all documents and reports pertaining to quality, and keeps everything ready before the audit takes place.

Quality Review Auditor Resume Sample

Ryan Rake
Swing Heart Loud Street,
Cherry Blvd.,
New York - 25240
Email: [email protected]
Contact no.: 11111111

Career Objective:

Well-experienced and qualified Quality Auditor seeking a position in a well established organization, wherein I can use my expertise, qualifications and analytical skills to the fullest. Looking for opportunities where I get to grow with the organization. Also, would like to work in an environment where innovation and suggestions from employees are appreciated.

Career Summary:

I have worked as a Quality Review Auditor for 3 years, and have successfully performed my duties with the organizations I have worked with, and am working with. My contribution has brought about a difference in the organizations I have been a part of.

Qualification Summary:

  • Possess a Masters degree in Quality Review and Control from University of Birmingham, UK.
  • Well acquainted with various processes, production operations and applications like Revenue/VRC, Saturn, Jade, Base Station and Sapphire.


Undertook an Internship project with Kings Manufacturers, for a period of 2 months. This project helped me to actually put to use the theoretical concepts, and understand the functioning and production operation practically.

Additional courses:

Quality Control S/W and Analysis - Deals with various software used in Quality control and review.


I have a keen interest in learning new languages. I am comfortable with English, Russian, French, Chinese, Spanish and German.

Summary of Skills:

  • A fast learner and keen to learn new things
  • Result Oriented and tend to set targets for myself.
  • Work towards increasing the production with no compromise on quality and efficiency
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Problem solving and communicating effectively.
  • Work independently and good at team management.
  • Take initiatives and try to bring in innovations that help the organization grow.

Technical Skills:

Quality Control Software, MS Office and Analytical tools

Work Experience:

Working with Merks Manufacturers (Since 2010)
Designation: Quality Auditor
Job responsibilities:

  • Conducting quality audit at regular intervals
  • Documentation and maintenance of audit reports
  • Reviewing audit reports and production processes and suggesting corrections or improvements
  • Preparing for the external audit
  • Train the staff in quality audit training and quality measures
  • Coming up with better production processes that help in improving the productivity and efficiency
  • Maintain cordial relation with suppliers and keep a check on the quality of raw material supplied.
  • Conducting quality check while the goods are in-process rather at the end of production
  • Taking corrective measures wherever necessary after consulting with the plant head.

Past Employers:

Birks Mount Manufacturing Industry (2008-2010)
Designation: Asst. Quality Auditor
Job Responsibilities:

  • Conducting internal audits
  • Assisting in external audit procedures and documentation and filing
  • Floor management to ensure continuous flow of activities
  • Communicate with different departments and understand the requirements. Accordingly, plan to communicate the same effectively.
  • Training the employees in various processes that help maintain the quality standards.
  • Implementation of new processes and procedures as per the directions of the Quality Auditor
  • Maintaining discipline and decorum in the plant
  • Updating and learning new techniques and processes in quality control

Achievements & Honors:

  • Awarded with a Gold Medal by University of Birmingham, UK.
  • The corrective measures taken at Merks Manufacturers helped in reducing cost and improving quality.

Preferred Location:

Prefer to work in US and UK


Ryan Rake

You can use this sample resume while applying for a Quality Auditor job opening. If you are a fresher, stress more on the internship project taken up by you. If you are experienced, more than your degrees, your job responsibilities will interest the interviewer.

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