Food Service Manager Resume

A Food Service Manager is the person who carries out almost all kinds of responsibilities relating to a hospitality establishment. He is the sole head of all functions related to the hotel or restaurants. The Food Service Manager has to manage the executive, culinary, financial as well as customer service part within a hotel. He has to keep a record of the accomplishments of every employee, and takes necessary steps to motivate the staff. Regarding executive duties, he has to prepare food menus, budgets and implement them as required. The Manager should handle the cash counter, and keep the monetary record abreast. Besides, by handling a team of cooks, chefs, Food Service Assistants, and the customers, the Food Service Manager tries to keep the reputation of the establishments. A hotel's reputation depends only on the goodness and hygiene of the food that are offered. Therefore, the Food Service Manager tries his best to keep up the quality, cleanliness, and tempting taste of the meal provided.

To gain the designation of a Food Service Manager, you have to possess a Bachelors degree or a Master's degree in Hotel Management. A certain amount of work experience in the related field, like two/three years of experience, can assure you with self-confidence, to reach your goal. In case, you have experience in the post; show your experience in detail, like your earlier employer's address, nature of the work, and duration of your service.

However, writing a resume on Food Service Manager is not a Herculean task; just remember to mention everything in a chronological order, and in a professional language. Do not use flowery language to impress your employer. Give complete information about your career objective, qualifications, experiences, skills, hobbies, and personal data.

Let us look into the following resume example. It can guide you in a better way.

Food Service Manager Resume

Henry Mac wood
78, Convenient Road
South Carolina
United States
Contact No.: 090-568-342
Email Id:

Career Objective:

Looking for an opportunity to work as a Food Service Manager, and gain a full-time work in the hospitality arena with the help of my rich industry expertise. Highly self-motivated to work as required, and dedicated to provide best customer satisfaction.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management
  • Master's degree in Hotel Management
  • Specialization in Food Service

Skill Set:

  • Expert in providing tasty dishes
  • Good knowledge of administration
  • Ability to execute an order with ease
  • Capable of co coordinating between client and staff
  • Confident to speak English, German and French
  • Ability to prepare food guide
  • Sincere about maintaining cleanliness and hygiene
  • Capacity to work on pay roll

Work Experiences:

Tasty Hotel
Designation: Assistant Food Service Manager

  • Prepared tasty and hygienic dishes
  • Supervised a team of ten members including the cook and service boy
  • Offered customized food, and promptly handled customer complaint
  • Aptly co-ordinate between customer and staff
  • Took good care of cleanliness of the kitchen, dining hall and banquet hall
  • Maintained a record of each employee and worked on their pay roll

Fun Fiesta Hotel
Designation: Food Service Manager

  • Supervised the work of the cooks, chefs and assistant food service guide
  • Executed food menu and implemented it
  • Handled customer with proper care
  • Ably handled all the financial aspects, like handling of cash counter
  • Maintained a good relationship between customer and staff
  • Maintained a proper cleanliness of the foodstuff, utensils, kitchen, dining hall, as well as store room

Languages Known:

  • English
  • German
  • Italy
  • French

Awards and Certification:

  • Awarded as "Best Food Service Manager" at national level
  • Received certificate on "Best Food Delivery" ability
  • Awarded as "Best Judge" in a food competition


Mr. Tom Henric
56 Enclave Street
South Carolina
United States
Contact No.: 230-684-198
Email Id:

You can add your hobbies related to the job profile, and mention your personal data such as date of birth, father's name, mother's name at the bottom of your resume. Whatever you mention, be sure that all evidences are specific, and subject-oriented. Once you finish writing your resume sample for food service, proofread it twice, and check for grammatical, syntactical, and typographical errors.

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