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Communications professional resume can be of different types, depending upon the particular communications job profile. Though a resume is the summary of an individual's skill-sets, rising competition has caused a change in the trend, and candidates are designing resumes in harmony with the desired job profile. This is because, for every job position, an employer receives applications from numerous applicants, all having similar qualifications. In such cases, a communications professional resume which has more relevant skill-sets, stands higher chances of being short-listed by the employers, as it not only saves time, but also optimizes the selection process.

Though it is not possible to refer to all communications professional resume examples, a basic understanding of the resume writing skills and few examples for reference, can help you in drafting a job winning resume. A resume for communications professional should be written in a professional manner, and at par with the prevailing trends in the industry. The information should be conveyed in simple and precise language, and in a systematic way. A uniform pattern should be followed throughout the resume, with no unnecessary information being mentioned. This can save you from unwanted questions in the interview.

The below given sample communications professional resume can help you with identifying the information to be shared, and the proper sequence to be followed for the same. You can then make necessary alterations for effective customization.

Example Resume: Communications Professional Resume

Matthew J. Gordy
516 Granville Lane
New Jersey - 07102
United States
Tel: (973) 453 0813
Email: [email protected]

Career Objective

In quest for a challenging job in the field of digital communications, with a reputed telecom company, with opportunities to explore the skill-sets, along with personal development, and help achieve the organizational growth.

Educational Qualification

Work Experience

Professional Skills


Mr. Jill H. Walker

IT Manager
STAR Communications Pvt Ltd
Tel: (513) 536 1028


I, Matthew J. Gordy, confirm that all details given above are true to best of my knowledge and belief.

Name: Matthew J. Gordy


From the above given communications professional resume sample, you can get the necessary information to write a job winning resume. If you want to add any more details such as interest and hobbies, awards received etc., you can add them under suitable sub-titles at the end. Ensure that all information shared should be substantiated with adequate documentary proofs, if asked for.

To select more options for resume layout, you can also refer to other resume examples. Always take care that you mention the details in a chronological order, and follow the same pattern throughout the communications professional resume.

We wish you all the best and hope you get your dream job.

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