Computer Programmer Resume

A Computer Programmer is a person who designs and makes different software for the company and its clients. A person applying for the post of a Programmer should be good at programming languages in which he/she is working. He should be an expert in the language in which he/she is working. He is also responsible for solving problems of different software. A Software Programmer has to coordinate with the people working in the team. He checks for errors in the programming language, and corrects those errors. The programs made by them should produce the desired results. A Computer Programmer also works on different projects, and so it is necessary that he/she should be a good team player. So, when you are writing a resume for this post, you need to mention these skills in your resume.

Computer Programmer Resume Example

There are samples given below which you can follow in order to write an impressive resume for your new job:

Paul Smith
256 Lincoln Road
Constitution Building
Missouri - 6650
Contact No. - 022-298-1254
Email Id -

Career Objective

To establish myself as a very good Software Engineer in a growing company where I could sharpen my skill and work towards the growth of the company.

Key Skills

  • Very good communication skills in English language
  • Able to solve different problems related to different software
  • Very good knowledge of software languages like Java, C, C++, Dot net, etc.
  • Also possess very good analytical skills
  • Capable of working on different software related to different projects
  • Capable of working on Macintosh and Linux
  • I am a good team player, and also possess the qualities of a good team leader

Educational Qualifications

  • Completed my B.Tech in Computer Engineering from the University of Boston in the year 2007
  • Have completed 1 year of professional degree in Java language as specialization

Work Summary

Star Technologies, Texas
Designation: Computer Programmer
Duration: July 2007 to September 2009


  • Working on different software languages and projects related to it
  • Cooperating with different teams of the company
  • Consulting the Computer operator regarding working of the system as well as the Computer programs
  • Writing, maintaining and updating different programs which the company has been using
  • Working on the projects of the company, as well as projects of the clients of the company
  • Responsible for compilation and documentation of different software
  • Prepare different flow charts, and write algorithm for different programs
  • Also responsible for writing different manuals and instructions for the end users

Artech Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Texas
Designation: Sr. Computer Programmer
Duration: December 2009 to till Date


  • Working on different software and different projects related to that software
  • Working on different languages in which the project is written
  • Write and design algorithm and flowchart for different projects
  • Coordinating with different teams working on that project
  • Updating the software regularly used by the company
  • Also working on different projects of different clients associated with the company
  • Responsible for preparing different manuals for different software designed

Languages known: English and Spanish

Achievements: Successfully completed the given projects on time, in the previous companies in which I worked.


Kevin Lee
Email Id: kevin1255

The sample of a resume given above for the post of Computer Programmer will help you write a resume when you are applying for such jobs. The sample has been given in order to help you know the format of the resume.

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