Occupational Resume Examples

A job application is accompanied by a summary of your educational and professional details. This summary presented in a word document format is known as a resume. The resume is thus drafted to apply for a job. The format of the resume can be generalized, but the resume cannot be generalized because every person has a different career goal and different expectations from the job and job profile. Besides, there are many different vocations as well. Different vocations have different job requirements and job profiles. The resumes are also customized and varied based on these vocations. Based on this, while responding to such job vocations, you need to customize your resume. It should be such that the employer's question and search is answered. Such a resume that caters to a specific vocation is known as 'occupational resume'.

There are 'n' numbers of vocations. Doctor, mechanic, engineer, etc., all have different job requirements and job skills. All these requirements should be fulfilled by the resume you use, to apply for a job in the said field. While scanning the applications and resumes received in response to a job position, the employer has a 'job description' in front of him/her. This job description, has all the details regarding the qualification, skills and experience one needs to possess for that particular job. While scanning the applications, the employer does not need more than five seconds to decide whether your resume is suitable or unsuitable for the job. Wonder what the employer checks in these five seconds?

The employer or the human resource department has been scanning resumes and screening candidates since ages. It might be your first, second or third job, but for the employer, the number of employees hired will be in hundreds. They are so good at it that within five seconds, they can decide whether your application suits the job requirement or not. Their job is done mainly by looking at keywords in your resume. These keywords are the special skills and qualities the employer has in his/her job description. Ensuring that you have these keywords mentioned in your resume will increase the chances of your resume going to the next level. Every occupational resume has a different set of keywords. For example, a software engineer's resume will have programming languages mentioned in his or her resume, while a graphic designer's resume will have some animation programs and a sample of designs attached with his resume. It is this factor that differentiates resumes based on the vocation, and thus the term occupational resume.

Besides keywords that are essential for your job, there are some keywords that are essential to judge your personal skills. The employer will look for this information in your resume as well. For example, if you wish to get a job in the management field, the employer will look for a specific skill set in you. A manager has to be strong in communication skills, leadership quality, decision making ability, etc. If you mention these qualities in your resume, it will highlight your resume. Moreover, if you provide proof of some instances where you showed these skills, will be an added advantage.

If you have led a team in some event or at work; taken decisions for your team during your college days or at work, etc. mention this in your resume. This will prove your point that you actually possess these skills. Thus, a resume has to be thought over carefully.

Although the style and content in different resumes will be different, the purpose of any occupational resume is finally securing a job in that particular field. Some sample occupational resumes given in the links below will help you write an effective occupational resume for yourself.

Occupational Resume Examples

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