Hospital Office Director Resume

An organization is segregated in different departments. This segregation helps in the smooth functioning and timely completion of activities. However, being segregated, they have to work in coordination as well, so that the organization goals are achieved. The accomplishment of individual goals of individual departments is not sufficient unless these goals are accomplished to help accomplish the organization goals. There has to be someone who helps in coordination and managing all the needs and requirements of all the different departments. This job is done by a business office director or office manager. In hospitals, he/she is also known as a hospital business director. This person is responsible for handling the support services of an organization. This helps in the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations of the office. Before you make up your mind to join this profile, go through the job responsibilities, sample hospital business office director resume and required qualification for this job.

Scope of Work:

A business director has to manage support staff, secretarial staff, data and payroll processing, event planning, conference planning, records management, office security, travel coordination, etc. Basically, all the activities that help in the smooth functioning of all the departments of the office are a part of business office director's job. Usually, the office director has to work for around 40 hours a week and does not involve traveling or field work.

Qualifications and Salary:

The qualifications for this job vary from organization to organization and industry to industry. The average salary for a business director is approximately $67,690.

Hospital business office director resume sample:

Bob Bike
Rosewood Green Street,
Park Ville,
New York - 15160
Email: [email protected]
Contact no.: 55005240

Career Objective:

Willing to work as a business office director with leading hospitals in the country. I wish to get a job profile, which enables me to use my skills and experience, and act independently. Work hours are never an issue when it comes to accomplishment of goals.

Career Summary:

Five years of experience in office management in the hospital industry. Efficient in handling records and filing systems via computer operations. Good at communication and organization skills, which are a must for an office manager or business office director to assure coordination and completion of tasks smoothly.


Post Graduation:

Masters of Business Administration- Finance, Grade A
Year of Passing - 2005


Bachelors' degree in Commerce - Grade B+
Years of passing - 2003
Account Keeping, English, Secretarial Practice

Additional courses:

Certified course in 'Manager of Patient Accounts' - 2004
HFMA Fellow (FHFMA) - 2004


English - speak, read and write
German - speak and read
French - speak and read

Summary of Professional Skills:

  • Good at managing, coordinating and organizing
  • Problem solving by using past experiences and knowledge
  • Effective communication skills
  • Good at record keeping and reporting, to avoid any last minute hassles
  • 5 years of experience with some renowned hospitals
  • Use of computer operations and various software programs for better efficiency
  • Aware of various health related policies and laws, released by the government

Technical Skills Summary:

Proficient with MS Office and Browsing Internet and internet operations

Work Experience:

Presently working with Mithocio Heart Hospital (2007- till date)
Designation: Business Office Director
Job responsibilities:

  • Manage the receivables and payables
  • Keep a record of patients admitted and discharged
  • Billing and handling insurance claim cases
  • Devised policies to recover unpaid bills, and assure timely payment of bills
  • Better service delivery, which resulted in increased revenue
  • Proper maintenance of records and billings for audit
  • Maintain a discipline and decorum among the ward boys and cleaning staff
  • Assist in Payroll activities and making preparations for presentations and conferences
  • Initiated online services that made it simpler for patients to obtain their records as and when needed, and not queue up in the hospital for the same.

Past Employers:

City Care Hospital, Massachusetts (2005-2007)
Designation: Asst. Business office director
Job Responsibilities:

  • Assisting and reporting to the hospital Business office director
  • Making and maintaining records of employees, patients, suppliers, etc.
  • Keeping a check on the resources-medicine, blood bank, equipment, toiletry, stationary etc.
  • Help in coordination and communication from top level to bottom level
  • Handle scheduling and payroll for ward boy and cleaning staff
  • Data Entry for virtual record keeping
  • Filing system and documentation handling for audit purposes
  • Addressing queries and assisting patients

Awards &Achievements;:

  • Honored for initiating new policies and procedures at Mithocio, that helped in better management of receivables
  • Received double hike in two years with City Care Hospital for dedication and innovation at work

Preferred Location:

New York (also open to opportunities at other locations)


(Bob Bike)

Above mentioned is a sample hospital business office director resume. The job responsibilities of business office director would vary, but the scope would remain more or less same. For example, a hospital business office director and hotel business office director would have different work environment and different responsibilities. The basic skills required would remain the same, except for some specialized courses for a specific industry. Using this resume as a reference, will help you make a business office director resume for any industry.

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