Gymnastic Instructor Resume

A gymnastic instructor guides learners to learn gymnastics in an easy and safe way. The gymnastic instructor resume must be written in such way that it portrays the applicant's skills and expertise to be a perfect gymnastic instructor. A gymnastic instructor is a person who trains a person mentally and physically to perform gymnastics easily without any injuries. As there is a growing number of people opting to learn gymnastics, the demand for gymnastic instructor is increasing day by day.

So applicants who desire to apply for a gymnastic teacher post in a school or a fitness center must first write a proper resume that explains his/her credibility for the post. Gymnastics is a vast branch and a gymnastic teacher imparts training on a variety of stuff ranging from gymnastics, body flexibility, exercises for people in body injury rehabilitation, etc. People generally suffer from injury while performing certain kinds of sports like playing football or sports of similar types. Sportsmen recovering from such injuries need a gymnastic instructor to regain flexibility and complete their rehabilitation course. A gymnastic instructor helps such kinds of people to get back on the track by enabling them flexibility and increasing their overall agility.

The resume for a gymnastic instructor must therefore cover all the aspects that are possessed by a gymnastic instructor and should convince the recruiter about the applicant's ability. First of all applicants needs to select a format using which he/she is going to construct the resume. A format can be easily selected after doing an online research. After selecting a perfect format, the applicant must start constructing the resume and provide all necessary details which include personal stats, professional experience, academic history, skills, etc. Below is a sample Gymnastic Instructor or Coach Resume that will help applicants in writing a suitable Gymnastic Instructor Resume for their job application.

Gymnastic Instructor Resume Sample

Helen Armstrong
23rd Elbert Street, New Capital Complex
Manhattan, New York City (234 45455)
Contact number: 234 454545
Email: [email protected]

Career Objective: Looking for a position and a challenging role in a reputed Fitness or Gymnastic Learning Institute to utilize my expertise to the fullest and to work for the benefit of both the firm and my better individual experience.

Career Summary: Have an experience of working as a Gymnastic Instructor for 3 years in a reputed school. I am a highly skilled and qualified gymnast awarded by the National Gymnast Association of America.

Academic History:

  • Completed graduation from University of New York with Grade A in 2005.
  • Finished Masters in General Arts from Yale University in 2007.
  • Completed fulltime 2 year diploma course of a Professional Gymnast and Fitness Trainer from the Fitness Institute of Miami.

General and Technical Skills:

  • Work experience as a gymnast in the Miami school of Gymnastics for 3 years
  • Proficient in all sort of flexibility and body training exercises
  • Good knowledge of dietary products and supplements
  • Experienced ballerina from the Miami School of Gymnastics
  • Excellent communication, cooperation, and work management skills
  • Highly proficient water training
  • Expertise in body training and weight loss programs
  • Ability to work under pressure and good decision maker with efficient leadership and co-working skills
  • Knowledge to handle all possible gymnastic equipment
  • Good knowledge on rehabilitation and regaining body flexibility work outs

Work Experience:

Worked in Miami School of Gymnastics and fitness from December 2007 to January 2011

Designation: Gymnastic Trainer

Role performed:

  • Provided training to a large number of students belonging to different age groups
  • Water training to patients rehabilitation
  • Fitness training to students who are preparing for state and national level competitions
  • Ballerina classes for ballet dancing students
  • Full training program to all types of students including rehab patients, pregnant women, and patients with severe or acute muscle and flexibility problems
  • Providing nutritional and dietary schedules for students and patients

Personal Interests: Reading books, traveling, ballet dancing, etc.


I hereby declare that the above information provided is true to my knowledge.

We hope that the above sample of Gymnastic Instructor Resume will definitely help applicants in writing a suitable resume for their job application.

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