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Designing a Dispatcher resume depends a lot on the type of job profile you are applying to. There are multiple roles associated with the position of a dispatcher, and it varies from organization to organization. A resume for dispatcher position can be associated with different job profiles such as mail dispatcher, consignment dispatcher, dispatch driver, airline dispatcher, emergency services dispatcher etc.

Though the job responsibilities associated with the Dispatcher can differ depending upon individual profiles and independent organizations, all are concerned with safe delivery of the product to the addressee. Thus, all dispatcher resumes should convey the same professional attributes along with the qualifications, which are associated with the job of a Dispatcher. These include attributes such as responsibility, loyalty, punctuality, dedication and professionalism. If your resume is able to highlight these skill-sets through the qualifications mentioned in the Dispatcher resume, you will be able to incite the employer to consider your candidature further.

The sample Dispatcher resume given in this section will guide you in drafting a job winning resume for the dispatcher job application. For selecting different layouts, other resume examples too can be referred. In all, if the information on different professional layouts for the resume and necessary information to be shared in it is available; a striking dispatcher resume can be drafted, which can influence the employers and help you win a personal interview opportunity.

Example resume: Dispatcher Resume (Manufacturing Plant/ Warehouse Dispatcher)

Audrey N. Speck
1586 Elsie Drive, Cresbard,
South Dakota - 57435
United States
Tel: (605) 324 3964, Email: [email protected]


To work as a Dispatcher with a leading manufacturing company and provide best of my services by effective utilization of my skills, and help achieve the organization goals along with personal growth and development.

Skills Summary

An experienced professional dispatcher with extensive exposure in warehouse operation, and relevant expertise in Supply chain and inventory management

Work Summary

  • Senior Dispatcher, Terminal Dispatch Services, 2008 - till date
    (417/N Cleveland St, Tyndall, South Dakota)
    Job Responsibilities:

    • To ensure smooth operation of terminal services
    • Responsible for timely dispatch of all vehicles from the terminal to right destinations
    • Handle emergency calls for midway breakdowns
    • Maintain time log
    • Organize services for special requests, such as school bus, tour vehicle request etc.
    • Ensure all dispatchers adhere to time guidelines
    • Follow the duty roaster
    • Adhere to organization policies
    • Attend to customer complaints
    • Responsible for maintenance of all vehicles at the terminal
    • Status update of all vehicles on movement

  • Consignment Dispatcher, Cross Courier and Dispatch Service (regional center), 2005 - 2008
    (1500 W Russell Rd, Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
    Job responsibilities:

    • Delivery of courier packages to the distribution centers
    • Zone-vise tagging of all packages
    • Update of status of package delivery
    • Handle customer inquiry calls and complaints
    • Maintain record of all packages received and dispatched
    • Online update of status message
    • Provide assistance to zonal centers for tracking orders

  • Dispatch Driver, J B Manufacturers, 2002 - 2005
    (540 Deadwood Blvd, Rapid City, South Dakota)
    Job responsibilities:

    • Collect and dispatch consignments to respective centers from the warehouse
    • Transportation of goods between warehouse to factory
    • Timely delivery of all consignments
    • Update of delivery records at the dispatch centers
    • Maintenance of the dispatch vehicle
    • Adherence to the organization guidelines and policies
    • Compliance of all safety norms at all times
    • Attend to emergency calls for breakdown

Academic Qualifications

  • Course: Post Graduate Diploma (specialization: Supply chain management)
    Institute: Liberty Online University, Reg. Off. - 403/18 Cheyenne Ave, Cox Elder, South Dakota
    Year: 2005 2007

  • Course: BA (Bachelor's of Arts)
    Institute: Keller Graduate School, 143 Flormann St, Aberdeen, South Dakota
    Year: 1999 - 2002

Licenses and Permits

  • 4 wheeler Driving license (heavy and light vehicles)
  • Inter-state driving permit for Personal transport vehicle (mid size van)


I, Audrey N. Speck, here by confirm that all the information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



In the above given dispatcher resume example, you can add or remove the information depending upon the job requirement. The column of 'Reference' should be included only if you have one, or it should be avoided. Similarly, other details, if to be included, should be shared under suitable sub titles. The order of details shared can be changed depending upon the relevancy and importance, when compared to the job description.

We hope you find the information helpful in drafting a job winning Dispatcher resume.

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