Day Care Attendant Resume

Now-a-days, the husband and wife, both go out for work. They both contribute towards the income of the family. Although they share the responsibilities, some household responsibilities, and children, need to be given special care and attention when both the parents are out. This makes it necessary for them to appoint a day care attendant or a childcare attendant. This person is responsible for looking after the kids while their parents are at work. Many a times while parents go for Sunday Mass in a church, or go for shopping, or some kind of workshop, they need someone to look after their kids. In such cases, the church or shopping malls have special day care attendants appointed to work with them. While the parents are busy, these attendants look after their child. There are many organizations that hire these attendants, and provide day care services to the clients. Thus, day care attendants are in demand at many places in many situations.

Job responsibilities:

  • A day care attendant is appointed to take care of the infants, or pre-school, or very young kids
  • He/she is responsible for providing a clean and healthy environment to the child
  • He/she has to take care of the requirements of the child, provide food on time, other hygiene activities like bathing, clothing, etc.
  • Maintain a proper schedule of eating, sleeping, playing, etc. for the child
  • In some cases, the day care attendant also has to look after the studies of the child

The sample day care attendant resume given below will help you understand the functions, responsibilities, qualifications, etc. about this job.

Mercy Mayers
Rainbow City Lake Line
Sky Apartments,
Lane no.: 14
New York - 10101
Contact no.: 3030300

Career Objective:

Wish to work with a Day Care organization, where day care or child care is not merely a job, but is actually considered as a process of nurturing a child to make him/her a great human being. I would also like to involve in activities like habit building and education for the child in the day care.

Career Summary:

Working as a childcare attendant with a couple having two kids. Worked with a playgroup, and have an experience of looking after newborn babies, infants, toddlers, and children up to the age of 10. Successfully handled my responsibilities in giving a better childhood to these children, by inculcating good values in them, giving them a healthy childhood by maintaining a proper diet for them, and also experienced in helping kids with their school work.

Qualification Summary:

High School Drop out - St. Mary's High School

Additional Qualifications:

  • Trained and Certified in CPR and First Aid by Red Cross
  • Completed a course in Child Health Care and Handling, organized by Johns Playgroup Firm

Summary of Skills:

  • Skilled in Infant handling and up bringing
  • Well acquainted with various child health issues and vaccines
  • Good at CPR and emergency first aid
  • Patient with children
  • Good at communicating with children and understanding their requirements as well

Work Experience:

Currently working with Birkinson Family (Since 2010)
Designation: Day Care Attendant
Job responsibilities:

  • Daycare for two toddlers and one adolescent
  • Maintaining a proper schedule and time table for children
  • Follow a proper diet as directed by the doctor
  • Keep a check on timely vaccination and routine check up of children
  • Inculcate moral value in children
  • Help the adolescent child in his school work, and manage some time to play with him
  • Also responsible for cooking lunch on time and feeding the children
  • Was allowed to take children out, and sometimes accompanied the family on their outings to take care of the children

Past Employers:

Mother Mary Daycare Center (2009-2010)
Designation: Day Care Attendant (for children aged between 5-10 years)
Job Responsibilities:

  • Looked after kids aged between 5-10, throughout the day
  • Assisted kids in their homework
  • Conducted learning and development activities
  • Encouraged children to play indoor and outdoor sports
  • Maintained a proper routine about the children's food, medicines, etc.
  • Assisted in the annual event organized at the playgroup

Achievements & Honors:

  • Presented with an appreciation letter by parents of the children for dedicatedly working for the upbringing of their children
  • Presented with an excellence letter from Mother Mary Daycare Center for my dedication and hard work put in at work.

Preferred Location:

Comfortable working in New York only


Mercy Mayers

This sample Day Care Attendant resume will help you get a Day Care Attendant job. In this job, you do need to be very highly educated, but you must be educated enough to read and understand things. For example, you must know the medicines in the first aid kit, and this is possible only if you are able to read and write. Secondly, many prefer taking experienced workers in this profile. Being a fresher, you will have to prove yourself. If you are good at handling children, and love to be with them, this is the right job for you. Have a look on example for children's librarian resume.

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